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10 Fresh Ideas for Using Travertine in a Decoration Project

publicat in: The stone house // Publicata pe 01.08.2017

Travertine is a wonderful natural stone used for interior or exterior decoration projects. Here are some ideas for using travertine in your projects.

1. Support walls
A support wall prevents erosion in hilly areas and is erected by joining travertine paving with different sizes. Travertine paving with tumble finish is ideal for support walls thanks to durability and porous surface.

2. Exterior kitchens (open air kitchen)
Travertine tiles with brushed finish and chiseled edges convey sophistication and functionality into your project. Perfect for high-traffic areas, tiles should be sealed for protecting the surface from accidental spilling of substances. As a result travertine surface is protected against any stain.

Modern Patio by Sugar Land Architects & Building Designers JMC Designs llc

3. Barbecues/ Fireplaces

Peach Cross Cut Tumbled Travertine 15 x 15 x 3 cm (exterior paving)

Classic fireplace is associated with bricks, but if you want a modern or even rustic fireplace, you have more options for materials. Travertine has many colors, shapes and finishes for pleasing everyone. Travertine paving with tumble finish can be also used around exterior grids and for walkways.

4. Walkways and stairs

Latte Brushed & Chiseled Travertine 61 x 40.6 x 3 cm (exterior paving)

Travertine paving with tumbled or brushed surface is an excellent choice for walkways, thank to its slip-resistance feature. Furthermore, this material is solid enough for backing other objects. Travertine can be also used for stairs: same tile used for walkways is cut-to-size for stair or is produces from cut-to-size travertine slabs. A walkway will complement the stairs beautifully and is also easy to install. Travertine is available in different sizes, for more ergonomic stairs design.

5. Terraces
Travertine paving is mainly used for exterior terrace, because terraces with travertine paving are safer and also more practical. Besides, natural stone capture heat, so will not be torrid summer, in hot temperatures. The large range of sizes and color make travertine evident against dull concrete or congested bricks.

Tropical Pool by Brisbane Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers BLADE Landscape Design

6. Access ways

Classic Cross Cut Brushed & Chiseled Travertine French Pattern Set 3 cm

With 3 cm thickness, travertine paving with brushed finished and chiselled edges are perfect for access ways. Chiselled edges allow closer installation and brushed finish prevents instantaneous absorption of liquids from accidental spilling.

7. Bathrooms

Classic Cross Cut Brushed Travertine 10 x 30 x 1 cm

Travertine tiles and mosaics are available in a large range of colors (cream, yellow, grey, dark brown and soft brown) designed for a perfect look in bathroom decoration. Cost is lower compared to other similar materials and aftercare is very easy. Countertops made from travertine are impressive and this material is an excellent replacement for classic tiles in a bathroom (a common place these days).

Traditional Bathroom by Los Angeles Photographers Chris A Dorsey Photography

8. Flooring

Latte Brushed & Chiseled Travertine French Pattern Set 3 cm

Travertine tiles and flooring represent a simple way for adding value to your home. With lower price compared to other natural stone flooring, travertine has become a natural choice for decoration projects. It is important to seal high-traffic areas for protecting travertine surface and preserving beauty.

9. Walls
Travertine tiles can be used for cladding walls or ceiling, thus conveying a design made exclusively with natural stone. Cladding walls with travertine is also used for lobbies, living rooms, offices or wine cellars. Travertine is very durable and a fine investment with increased lifetime.

Southwestern Entry by Scottsdale Architects & Building Designers Link Architecture, PC

10. Pool coping around swimming pools
Flooring made from travertine with tumbled or brushed finish will create a refined and sophisticated space around any swimming pool. The material is slip – resistant and porous surface absorbs instantly any water trace, resulting a dry area. As mentioned earlier, travertine maintain constant temperature and will not be a problem on hot summer days. Travertine flooring are durable in extremely cold weather conditions and freeze/ thaw cycles, without developing cracks, if properly installed with stone special adhesive and hydro isolations (for wet spaces).

For further details on choosing the stone best suited to your decoration project, give us a call at + 4 0318 222 333 or better visit our showroom to see the concept spaces!

10 Fresh Ideas for Using Travertine in a Decoration Project
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