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Modern bathrooms decoration – a mild contrast

In 2017, bathroom decoration focuses on natural stone cladding with minimum possible number of veins and colors (see photo number 1 and 2). From category of slightly textured tiles you will find marbles (Thassos, Volakas, White Pearl, Cleopatra, Calacatta, Tundra, Burdur Beige Polished Marble and Sunny Dream Polished Marble), Classic Travertine, Slates (Nero and Red Wine Polished Slate). Of course, this concept works for claddings and mosaics as well. These materials will guarantee good contrast, yet do no exaggerate!


Photo 1

      Photo 2

Continuity and chromatic unit

The grey, white and navy blue are the most popular colors in 2017 for modern bathroom decoration. Next in popularity are dark and light brown, light yellow and fresh green of spring. Remember that Pantone selected greenery as color of the year 2017.

Bathrooms require chromatic unity and complementary shades. Mechanism of chromatic pairs is applied also for assorting furniture pieces and sanitary ware with natural stone flooring and cladding: marble, granite or slate. The color harmony is “broken” by chrome, brass or golden ornaments – see the photo number 13.

      Photo 3

      Photo 4

      Photo 5

Other method for decorating modern bathrooms is with wide range of colors and volumes, yet preserving a minimalistic character. Below you can see a couple of expressive photos having marble as decoration material. Photo number 6 features a corner with greenery as the only typical color splash. In here, colors such as brown, inox and marble white are integrated in perfect equilibrium. The same goes for photo number 7, with harmony focused on bathtub, subtle slate flooring, yet sustaining wallpaper’s floral mix.

Keep in mind that a “fantasy” design style in modern decoration has no restriction and yet is so risky. When we can finally attain a combination between tumbled multi-coloured slate (10x10x1 cm) with black and white mosaic marble, probably the only different colors will be towel and toothbrushes. This is, of course, an exaggeration, for emphasizing that a strategy for ambient construction has a limited number of chromatic combinations.

      Photo 6

      Photo 7

Simple geometry of modern bathrooms

In here, minimalistic style has also two facets: straight lines on one hand and organic forms on the other hand. One can easily imagine that more complicated graphics are reserved for fancy approaches including more complex structures, variable angles walls and bathroom sinks having some unusual, organic shapes. Exuberant simplicity is graphically represented in the photo below (photo number 8). Chromatic dialogue happens between two powerfully represented components: black, strongly emphasized by bathtub on the one hand and abundance of colors on the other hand.

      Photo 8

The sumptuous minimalism

Minimalistic style could include contemporary bathrooms with bright, elegant-sumptuous look. An example is photo number 9: cladding and flooring with Maron Emperador Polished Marble, combined with Burdur Beige/Maron Emperador border. The harmony is achieved with white and brown colors. Furthermore, veins gain importance and borders are used for compensating the dynamic of lines in marble tiles structure.

      Photo 9

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For kitchen decoration, minimalism defined by “mini” might prove to be “maxi”, while exploited to the maximum by countless solutions. Because natural stone is always a fine wood companion, you will discover that it also vibrates fine next to iron. This ancient association is reinforced by fresh decoration ideas. Therefore, a new subgenre is born: industrial minimalism.

     Photo 10

      Photo 11

Light and materials in modern bathrooms

It is well-known that natural stone is an important material for modern bathroom decoration, joined by wood, glass and metallic elements with golden and chromed tones. Another design idea is light disposition. Spaces deviating from overused rigid illumination and multiplying light sources with values of different intensities. The result is an enhanced intimacy and visual comfort, highlighting walls response of to the light. Natural stone cladding and flooring is important, because of different reactions to light, depending on durability and type: natural or artificial. Photo number 10 features an exceptional light variation, placing this decoration at a convergence of minimalism and “phantasy”.

      Photo 12

      Photo 13

For further information on bathroom decoration with a modern twist, get in touch with us by email: export@piatraonline.com or phone at + 40318 222 333 or visit our showroom from Aleea Teisani nr. 137A, Sector 1, Bucuresti, a genuine source of inspiration!

2017 Trends in Bathroom Decoration
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