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How to install natural stone in your bathroom?

publicat in: Bathroom // Publicata pe 21.07.2017

Natural stone decorates your bathroom in a combination of natural look and refined design accents. Creative association between shape, color and texture will customize the space and make it unique. Installation procedure includes some technical stages and the decision regarding the type of stone, color and shape.

It is weel-known that in term of durability, natural stone is superior to ceramic tiles. Natural stone includes a wide range of products, with different colors, texture, finish and dimensions. And the fact that every natural stone is unique is a big advantage in case you need a replacement.

You will find a travertine tile to fit your decoration even many years after completing the project, whereas ceramic tiles models have limited production cycles with fresh tiles completely different from previous. Worst case scenario: you will have to replace all ceramic tiles in your bathroom.

Natural stone allows you to play with many styles and moods, depending on your material: intimacy, elegance, eclectic style, shabby chic, industrial, restrained minimalism etc. Aftercare of natural stone is very easy: use professional solutions widely available for sealing and regular care.

Natural stone installation

Natural stone is installed on a rigid support layer, based on concrete or drywall. For heavier tiles installed on drywall use a double number of screws when fixing drywall, because this will support tiles weight. For installation on drywall, we recommend adding a flat and even post rabitz to the structure.
Make sure walls are straight, even and dried before applying waterproofing (for example Hydroisolation Weber.Tec Hydroprotect Kit). You can use sealing stripes for the corners, common solutiuon for waterproofing systems (Weber Tec 822).

We recommend a so-called “test installation”, before the actual installation takes places, whether is cladding or flooring involved. This means that tiles should be put into place to have an overview and write down number for assigning location on the back of each tile. This procedure is not necessary for mosaic, in this case the only rule is that pieces with same color should not be installed on the same area, thus compromising diversity and the “mosaic effect”.

In case flooring is not perfectly even, you can correct it by adding adhesive, where needed. Use the spirit level for verifying the flooring and drainage angle (that angle is mandatory in bathroom decoration).

Tiles should be clean and dry before installation. Few residue means better fixed tiles. The adhesive is applied on both support layer and back of tile. Use plastic spacers for setting the joints space and apply grouting for joint filling. If you have large tiles, better avoid spreading grout all over their surface, which should remain clean. During grouting, use cloth or damp sponge for wiping and prevent grout drying. Afterwards, the grout is left to dry for 24 hours.

Use a professional sealing solutions for wet spaces (LTP Mattstone) both for cladding and flooring. Sealer will close the pores and keep the surface intact. For polished surfaces (recommended only for bathroom cladding) you can also use microtechnology sealing solutions (example LTP MPG Sealer). For preserving natural stone surface we also recommend color intensifiers such as LTP Color Intensifier and Stainblock.

Now you have your dream bathroom and a lifetime investment. For natural stone aftercare we recommend professional spraying solutions and special cleaning agents such as: LTP Stone Care Spray and LTP Floor Shine.

For further details on choosing the stone best suited to your decoration project, give us a call at + 40318 222 333 or visit our showroom from Aleea Teisani nr. 137A, Sector 1, Bucuresti.

How to install natural stone in your bathroom?
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