Six stylish ideas for bathroom decoration

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Six stylish ideas for bathroom decoration

Innovations in interior design are taking over bathroom decorations. Natural stone, solid wood, bamboo, oversized objects, retro batteries and faucets, light sources with eco bulbs, underfloor heating and a look “in harmony with the nature”, all these are surpassed by the most popular trend of this year: earth tone color scheme.
If the latest years were dominated by Mediterranean influences in bathroom decoration, highlighted by shades of white and ultramarine blue and replaced later by Provençal colors and combinations of olive green and ivory, this year the earth tones are in trend. So, find below this year’s top of most popular colors.
Beige Dore
It may sounds like a description for a foundation makeup, but this is the most popular color this year in bathroom decoration. This color is preferred because it matches every color variation, is easily available and versatile for fiting another main trend: usage of natural materials. Marble, travertine and many natural stones have this color and solid wood can also be treated to reach it. The complements of Biege Dore are Marsala and emerald green, yet used with moderation and only to define a contour shape to the bathroom.

Similar in popularity with Beige Dore, nude comes directly from Fashion Shows and is viewed by experts as the next star in bathroom decoration. Nothing compares to a mosaic with slightly different shades of nude, especially when it is made with natural materials. Nevertheless, this is fade and obscure compared to warm beige, so it has to be complemented stronger. If you plan using this color for wall cladding and flooring, keep in mind to jighlight also the other bathroom objects. Choose a set consisting of sink and bathroom sink with ultramarine color, for a fancy look combination that adds a noble aspect into your bathroom. For something less sophisticated, choose accessories with brick shades or classic tones of Wenge, a sure hit.


Of course, using only camel for decoration can be boring. However this is quite sharp color and can only be used in combination with lighter shades and less annoying for human eye. You should combine camel tones with sandy and trendy colors for bathroom decorations: the result will be a bathroom aimed at relaxation, for helping you relax during your exhausting periods.
The color of sand has passed every trend and through every room in a residence, from kitchens to living rooms and from bedrooms to bathrooms, the latter since last year and apparently continues. A combination of classic Beige and a grey tone of wet sand, the colors in this range adjust to organic trends in interior design. When used as single color you will achieve a feeling of space and serenity.  This is the perfect color for decorating zen bathrooms, also a very popular trend this year. They can be complemented with shades from the same color scheme: variations from Beige to dark grey, and also stronger accents, such as light blue and sea green. Indigo shades are not excluded, yet are less demanding and should only be used for details and contour.

Natural stone is not the only natural material used for bathroom decoration. Solid wood is also popular, especially when complying chromatic trend imposed by interior designers. Thus, wenge color returns this year, from living rooms and lounges into your bathroom. This is a popular choice for decorating darker bathrooms. Different from the soft shades of beige and nude, wenge does not require using accents and color splashes and can be also used for single color bathroom decoration projects.

If you consider risky using only dark shades for decoration, you can highlight the project with maple wood accessories. This is a very stylish combination with a refined look that seems natural. Choose a darker color for granite, travertine or even slate and decorate your bathroom with renovated objects from maple wood.

For further details on choosing the stone best suited to your decoration project, give us a call at + 40318 222 333 or visit our showroom to see the concept spaces.

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