Three ideas for your bathroom makeover

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Three ideas for your bathroom makeover

Stone, wood and light

If you are considering natural stone as an option and you still tend to think of it as a “cold” material, you should know that there are two ways to counteract this impression. Firstly, choose the right lighting when you plan the makeover. Light plays a very important role not only in the bathroom. It modulates and enhances the special texture of stone. You have loads of options when it comes to light bulbs. Those with adjustable intensity are perfect for creating the desired mood.

The second way you can balance the stone’s energy is by bringing wood into the equation. Whether you have a modern apartment or a house, the wood’s warm grain completes the natural appearance of stone. You can choose from a wide variety of wooden furniture or order custom pieces that will complement the stone’s look.

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After you decide on the preferred style and the types of materials, reflect on what your needs are for this space. This way, you can plan smartly. Do you need huge cabinets or are a few drawers enough for your cosmetic products? Depending on the size of your bathroom, is it practical to install shelving units or cabinets? Do you prefer a relaxing soak or a quick shower?

According to architect Eduard Baicu, which you can listen to in the video below, designing a space must be thought out scenographically, as you would plan a theatre play.
Depending on personal preferences and chosen style, the colors will bring the concept to life by highlighting the desired mood. If you choose nature as an inspiration, for instance, you can replicate the tones and nuances found in nature – the light, wood, natural stone and neutral, soft shades will create a relaxing and soothing space. If you are more into a fresh and dynamic environment, bright color accents are the way to go when it comes to remodeling your bathroom.
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Here are some natural stone bathroom designs. You can find more inspiration at our showroom in Bucharest, 137A Teisani Street, 1st District.

Classic cross cut Travertine, polished

Silver filled & honed Travertine

Callacata Lilac Marble, polished
For any other information, call +40318.222.333, email us at or, better yet, visit our showroom in 137A Teisani Street, District 1, Bucharest, Romania.

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