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Myth no. 1 - Natural stone is expensive

Natural stone is an accessible material, a fact observed by simply comparing prices. There are even some ceramic tiles more expensive that some types of natural stone. Of course, there are a lot of natural stone products that are expensive or very expensive, because many of them are rare or depend on the price fluctuations on the international market. But there are always going to be accessible natural stone products. When we say this, we are also considering a comparison in terms of price, durability and aesthetic qualities. An increasing number of people from all social backgrounds are choosing natural stone as a main material for interior and exterior design projects.

Myth no. 2 - Natural stone is not suited for the bathroom area

Because of its porous surface, some say natural stone is not a good fit for bathrooms or kitchens. But when used in humid spaces, natural stone is sealed with a special solution on the back of the tile and with a different sealant on the surface. This way, natural stone can be used in any humid environment such as bathrooms, kitchens, cellars etc.    

Myth no. 3 - Natural stone is difficult to preserve

Natural stone maintenance requires basic processes such as sealing the stone from time to time and cleaning the surface with a special solution.
Every type of material requires a minimum of care in order to keep it in good condition. Here are some simple preventive rules that should be applied especially in the case of softer types of stone: use a cutting board if your table or countertop is made from marble or limestone, especially if you're dealing with tomato juice or lemon juice which are acidic, use coasters for glasses, cups or mugs. Wipe any stain off marble or travertine tiles. If the stone is sealed properly, though, liquid cannot penetrate it easily.

Myth no. 4 - Natural stone looks dull and common

There are those who say natural stone has become obsolete. But they obviously haven't seen the latest design trends and projects. Natural stone takes form through complex geological processes during millions of years and under extremely high temperatures. This makes it a spectacular material in both aspect and durability.
Each natural stone product, whether we’re talking about tiles, mosaics or panels, is unlike no other. Natural stone hasn't lost its value and appeal over thousands of years and is still going strong today. Designers and architects are constantly finding new ways to reinvent and reinterpret this versatile material.

These 4 myths prevent some people from enjoying natural stone's beauty and advantages. So, we want to set things straight:
1) Natural stone is accessible; it comes in different price ranges.
2) It is suited for bathrooms because it can be sealed easily and successfully.
3) It is easy to preserve.
4) Natural beauty will always be in fashion. It has been for thousands of years. 

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4 natural stone myths. Debunked.
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