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A piece of software and a piece of natural stone

Computer programmes are capable of cutting or imprinting stone with a wide variety of shapes and patterns. What was once possible only for concrete products can be now replicated for natural stone slabs, with the help of technology. And while the price of concrete has risen, that of natural stone has declined. Let’s not forget that it’s very hard for natural stone to be outshined by something that has come out of a cement mixer. Moreover, natural stone is an eco-friendly product. Its processing is far less harmful for the environment than other decorative materials and it can be fully recycled.


More technology, less disturbance in your home
Natural stone is now an accessible material, used more and more frequently in interior and exterior decorating. Natural stone can be used not only inside the house (for floors, walls, countertops, fireplaces etc.) but also for exterior cladding of buildings, fences and gardens. The yard requires special attention, probably even more than private or public buildings. Current technology allows for large stones to be custom cut to meet the specific requests of the client. Also, a large piece of stone can be custom drilled to become the garden’s centrepiece. What does this mean? That you can order custom stones and create special projects without messing up your entire garden. And it’s the same for countertops, steps or other special pieces. They are already cut to the right measurements when they arrive in your home. The specialised team has only installation to concentrate on. On the other hand, the measurements for the window sills, steps or countertops have to be extremely precise in this case.

It’s not only processing technology that has evolved but also installation techniques. In geographical areas with dramatic weather changes – drought/heavy rain – terraces and walkways are built on gravel beds laid specifically to allow water to infiltrate and avoid flooding.

Here are only a few examples of how technology improves our lives through interior and exterior natural stone design. Now stone can be processed and reshaped in new ways and has become more and more accessible.

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How did technology change how natural stone is used?
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