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SKIN flexible slate veneer – the beauty of natural stone and the guarantee of German quality

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Reduced thickness and weight

SKIN flexible slate veneer is a thin sheet of natural stone destined for interior and exterior design projects. Although it is only between 1,5 and 2 mm thick, this flexible slate has the same beauty and quality of slate, but a unique flexibility and an extra resistant layer which you can rely on, anytime, anywhere.

Discovered by chance after over 15 years of research

The product was developed by Professor Gernot Ehrlich over 15 years of research in the field of extraction, stone processing, adhesives and stone cladding methods. But, in the end, the final shape of the product was discovered by accident. While repairing a slate countertop, Ehrlich noticed that a thin sheet of stone which resembled a piece of veneer fell off. The piece looked exactly like slate, but was much lighter. Ehrlich immediately knew that he was on to something and realized the potential of a stone veneer. When the trend of slate in interior design started to fade, he diversified his offer and moved to the United States where he built large fountains with the help of what would soon become SKIN, the flexible slate veneer. The surprising qualities of flexible slate veneer have impressed design and construction specialists all around Europe, including Romania.

Bold texture | Affordable price | Unique colors | Thermal stability | Water resistance

Like raw slate, SKIN is highly durable and has the same chemical structure, which makes it perfect for vertical cladding of public and private projects. Its bold texture and unique shades, its thermal and chemical stability and also its water and fire resistance make it a revolutionary product. SKIN is also a very good electrical insulator.

Walls | Curved surfaces | Furniture | Bathrooms | Kitchens | Pools | Exterior facades | Boats | Auto tuning

The layered structure of the stone determines the way flexible slate is produced and used. With the help of a special adhesive, a very thin layer of slate is broken off from the block of stone. Through this “peeling” method, the resulting layer of stone is very light, elastic and flexible. In a way, flexible slate is superior to normal slate because of the resistance layer added in order to allow it to be installed on curved surfaces. This back layer of the stone is made from a special adhesive which provides the stone with extra adherence. By using standard tools, the flexible slate veneer can be installed with a minimum of effort and investment. The versatility of SKIN makes it perfect for an almost unlimited number of applications such as wall, column or furniture cladding, in both dry and humid environments like pools, boats, bathrooms, exterior facades etc. If applied correctly, SKIN flexible slate can also be used for cladding tall buildings or in the auto tuning industry.

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SKIN flexible slate veneer – the beauty of natural stone and the guarantee of German quality
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