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DinnerStories – The meeting place of creative people | #FoodRocks

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Autumn is one of the ideal seasons for special experiences in Bucharest. Starting with the flavor of burning leaves, so exciting for many people, up to the point when they are took back to their childhood to experience the backyard of their grandparents, to the aroma of warm tea, full of flavors, coming from every bistro, or the coffee steam, which refreshes your soul in the morning. Autumn’s specific deep color variation is no longer a taboo subject, from the moment when it became a topic for Instagram shots. And Bucharest has plenty of wild places, where the touch of nature can be expressed in all kinds of forms. Autumn is a season filled with inspiration, old or new, apart from rich spices sprinkled over the special dishes baking in the oven. It feels like autumn is incomplete without your pumpkin baking in the oven, sprinkled with nutmeg or some twigs of rosemary? That would be inspirational.


PIATRAONLINE showroom allows you to perceive the nature differently, yet closer to each and every one of us. The stone textures are an open invitation to an inspirational break in the north of Bucharest, where you can stay for a cup of tea and relax, allowing yourself to drift away into the colors of nature. And because we could not wait for the autumn just to come up with these fresh ideas, we brought them all to our showroom since the beginning of the year – from photography workshops delivered by Vlad Eftenie, photographer and professor at "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture, Bucharest, to Ciprian Sipos's interior design seminaries, PIATRAONLINE is a meeting place for creative people and we are so glad for this! Our Showroom has turned into a crossroad for all sorts of communities, from design to art, architecture and #food. So, we are happy to host the kind of events that invite us to discover new things every day.


Dinner Stories is such an event, a project imagined and promoted by Mia Munteanu, customer Service Director at Marks and Veronica Mathew, Yoga teacher and nutritionist at Nivana Yoga Romania. Every month, a different apartment, rented on AirBnb for one evening, so that Mia and Veronica can launch an invitation for their community, for a dinner prepared with fresh ingredients produced by responsible agriculture. In a world where preparing dinner has became a luxury and no one is actually doing it these days, ordering online has become the alternative, due to many different reasons such as – "I don't have time", I don't feel like it" or "it's simpler." Except for the fact that we keep forgetting a very important little detail and this is the experience. The time you spend cooking is not a wasted time, but a gained experience. The mood that you think you don't have will make you realize that cooking dinner for the ones close to your heart is an ideal way to relax actually. The Nature Project is about finding healthy resources, while making smart choices for these days, with the current options. Pretty simple.



In September, The Pavilion, our autumn garden, hosted Dinner Stories. How this turned out? Into a burst of colors and flavors. The promoters informed the guests about the Bucharest and nearby local producers, the alternative shopping list, the concept of smart and healthy shopping and how to manage more easy and efficient your everyday resources. And one more thing: how to become creative in the kitchen by choosing natural stone textures, textures that will make a #pinterestworthy plating.


Besides the pizza stone granite or the serving plates, the stone can accommodate with much more shapes the area of a kitchen. The travertine countertop, which was used for preparing dinner complemented the autumn setting from the kitchen. And since we have a late autumn and the sun is still warm, Dinner Stories happened outside, in the Pavilion, over an impressive table of Extra Blue granite, a special texture that hides an entire universe, able to lift up the spirit of any kitchen, by better highlighting every dish. A show of colors when dinner is served and the guests will occupy their seats, right?


In a world where food comes from anywhere and out of nowhere, because the food we put on the tabke is not really traceable, in a world where the artificial has taken every corner of our lives and our home, we think it is important to start a quest for oneself, bringing closer to our lives the elements that allow us to reconnect with nature, the origin of all things. From small manufacturers of food, able to deliver us the good old taste of food, alongside our body health, to natural materials such as stone, able to restore the "homey" ambience if we use it for our home decoration project. The stone is comfortably fitted into any space and in unlimited shapes – from claddings, countertops and sanitary ware – just as the healthy food can find its place and shape at any table in any house. Nature provides us with unlimited resources for keeping us alive, both physically and psychologically, we only have to be open, taking the opportunity and learn, while using everything more efficiently.


Each project and event like this brings us closer to our true nature, because we plan to be inspirational for our communities. Until now, natural stone has found its place in every project and every domain, but the journey does not stop here. The search moves on. What do you think? If you also have an idea that you would like to implement with us, contact us on our Facebook page or write us an e-mail. Until then, enjoy as many food trips as possible!

DinnerStories – The meeting place of creative people | #FoodRocks
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