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Do a bit of research before actually getting to work. Any information can useful. You can also ask a professional for some tip and tricks. Go online and browse through specialized website to find ideas and solutions for your garden.

Give your garden personality

If you want more than just a simple lawn, you’ll need outdoor furniture, paved walkways and space for flowers. Stone can give your space a more natural look. First of all, you can use polygonal stone to pave your yard. It’s important to have easy access to any part of your property without getting dirty on rainy days. Natural stone is very durable and maintains its appearance in time. You can find it in shades of grey, green and blue. If you’re going for a more rustic décor, choose brown, copper and reddish tones.

Installing natural stone is fairly simple. The adhesive you use is the most important element of the whole operation. You need a product that is specially designed for natural stone. Before you begin clean both surfaces. Flatten the soil and add a layer of gravel on top of it. Then pour concrete over it and when it has set, fix the polygonal stones with a special adhesive such as Weber Set.Stone or Weber Set.MarmoPlus. Don’t forget to fill the joints with a special CHIT like Weber Color.Stone. You can find it in 20kg bags in white or grey. You can choose the size of the joints depending on your preferences. At the end, get rid of the excess adhesive with the help of a damp cloth.

If you prefer a more romantic setting, choose an elegant composite water fountain. There are a lot of options on the market. You just have to choose the right size for your garden. This fountain doesn’t just have an aesthetic role, but also a functional one.

Another project you can do yourself is building a garbage bin. They are useful and necessary, but they don’t have to look bad. You’ll need large pieces of marble, travertine or granite, 2 cm thick - 30 x 60 cm or 60 x 60 cm, depending on the desired size of the bin. The slabs are glued together using a professional adhesive, preferably a transparent one. If you have a bit of experience in DIY projects, you can make bevel all four edges, for a more elegant look. Then, just put a garbage bag inside and dispose of it in the dumpster when it fills up.

Natural stone decorative elements

Other functional and beautiful elements you can use in your garden are pebbles and decorative mosaic. You can install them around large plants, trees or constructions like pavilions, dinner area, terrace or house. This way, you’ll highlight both the greenery and the natural stone. You can also add these stones around your artesian or drinking fountain for a more elegant setting.

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