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Exterior acrylic paint - Weberton Variolast

Product code : APN-1018

The underlay must be clean, non-deformable, dry, fixed and free of antiadhesive substances (efflorescence, bitumen, dust etc.), not frozen and having the required curing age and bearing capacity. For renovation projects and if necessary, the layers with poor mechanical strength will be removed and the areas with problems will be repaired with an adhesive for reinforcing the thermos insulation systems. Organic layers (dispersion or oil) should be removed completely to the depth of the pores to ensure proper adhesion of the underlay. Old surfaces with uneven absorption will be primed until saturation with the Weber G700 primer.

For obtaining the most uniform color and the amount of decorative plaster required for a wall surface, we recommend mixing the contents of several buckets. The suitable consistency of the paint is checked by applying a sample coat. The paint is applied on a dry surface with a wall paint brush or roller, uniformly coated. Paint can be applied to concrete surfaces after at least 28 days since pouring concrete and 6 days for pre-repaired plaster surfaces. It is necessary to apply it in two layers: a first primer, a slightly diluted paint with water and a coating for finishing. Allow between the two layers a drying period of approx. 12 hours.

Apply the material when the air and underlay temperature is between + 5 °C to + 30 °C. Avoid applying plaster during strong wind, rain or on surfaces exposed directly to the sun. Freshly applied plaster must be protected from sunlight, rains, frost or other weather conditions until drying. Caution: the color shade may be affected by the quality/nature of the underlay, weather conditions at the time of application and the drying period. After applying the plaster, close the bucket tight so that the remaining material does not cure. The used tools are washed with water immediately after use.

It is recommended for finishing, decoration of new buildings and renovation projects of old buildings. Recommended for re-painting facades. It can be used for the protection / painting of decorative plasters (weber.pas classic, weber.pas home, weber.pas silicon plus, weber.pas classic, weber.pas home) in the finishing of thermal insulation systems and also a final layer over basic plaster (cement, lime-cement), thermos insulating plaster floated with fine wall plaster. It can be applied also on other underlays such as drywall, plaster, lime based paints and gypsum-based plaster etc.

Universal paint for facades, ready-made, water soluble and based on synthetic resins with mineral components and high quality pigments. This is the final coat for mineral or non-mineral façade surfaces.

pH: 8.9 ± 0.5
Density (g / m): 1.5 ± 0.1
Viscosity (mPas): 15000 ± 5000
Non-volatile content (%): 65 ± 3
Appearance: pasty-liquid

12 months from the manufacture date, in tight sealed buckets, kept away from frost, high temperatures and direct sunlight.

Technical specifications
Lenght (m) m
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