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Fontana Regale + Water tank F67 CB - Garden Water Fountain (without finishing) Fontana Regale + Water tank F67 CB - White finishing

Product code : AG-629

A garden's look shouldn't always take long to plan. There are always solutions for those who are in a rush, but at the same time, want to give their garden a great look. An example of such a solution is the Royal Fontana fountain that can fit in any setting, public or private, improving its aesthetics. The fountain is made of composite stone - resistant, yet light material. Made in Romania, Fontana Royal fountains impress with their finishes' quality and do not require a direct water source. They are resistant to freeze-thaw. Remember that the dountains do not come equipped with pumps, so browse our Piatraonline platform offers for the right pump and other decorations ...!

Technical specifications:
Height: H 290 cm
Diameter: 420 cm
Weight: 3270 kg
Product code: F 67 CBA
Made of: Composite Stone

- gravel stone/washed, 4-8 mm: 57%
- marble dust 0-1 mm: 10%
- Portland white cement 52.5: 30%
- evaporated water: 2.999%
- galvanized wire: Ф=4mm (if needed): 0.001%

Advantages :
-Strong, yet light material
-Significant weight reductions lead to great economical and ecological advantages.
-Closed circuit – does not require a direct water source.
-Made using the latest casting technologies, have a very resistant exterior.
-Superior quality and finishing.
-Freeze-thaw resistant.

Technical specifications
Lenght (m) m
Material Artificial stone
Weight (U.M.) 3270 kg
Cleaning & maintenance
Product for cleaning (light stains) LTP Power Stripper
Product for cleaning and aftercare (daily) LTP Stonewash / LTP Waxwash
Product for cleaning before or after installation LTP Grimex
Product for intensive cleaning or stains LTP Grout Stain Remover
Recommended sealer LTP Mattstone / LTP Mattstone H20
Sealer for color enhancement LTP Colour Intensifier
Color Grey
Product code AG-629
Recommended for: Garden decoration
Surface finish: Tumbled
Adhesive consumption 1 sack
Recommended adhesive Weber Set Marmo Plus / Weber Set Super Flex Max²
Product purchase details
Delivery Order now and we will dispatch it by truck in Europe or by container internationally. Regardless of quantity, our shipping cost will be low. To find out our shipping price, just give us a call.
Minimum order quantity 1 Piece
Packing Piece
Packaging Unit Weight (kg) 870 Kg
Packing details All pieces - 3270 Kg / 7 pallets
Weight of the pallet / box / package (kg) 3270 Kg
Weight per piece (kg) 3270 kg
Comments or reviews:
Ruud Christian, color
22/11/2017 13:38:00

How do you obtain the color of this fountain? What about the aged look?

PIATRAONLINE.com | 22.11.2017 14:29

The aged look is applied in the end, as a type of finish resulted from mixing white cement with pigment.

Vollan Brynhild, Water Fountain
22/11/2017 13:36:00

Hello, what pump can you recommend for this Water Fountain?

PIATRAONLINE.com | 22.11.2017 14:29

Hello, we recommend Vivaria pump, Vario 2000 model, maximum pumping height up to 3m.

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