Garden Barbeque Family Set with polygonal flagstone

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Product description

No barbeque will be enough for the garden of your dreams. How about this ensemble made out of a medium grill, worktable and another table with sink, cladded with rough natural stone, inspired from rustic villas for contemporary or formal looking projects. The natural stone will stand out in any decoration and the materials used will last forever. With the proper barbeque, it's weekend every night! Free time is best spent outdoor, together with your close ones. The more guests you'll invite, the more fun you'll have. That's why you need a proper barbeque! The Family garden ensemble provides a complete workspace. You have everything within reach and you are always ready to please the viewers. In addition, the three neutral colored natural stone tiles will fit perfectly into your relaxing oasis.

Cladding: Polygonal Stone
Contains: Medium Barbeque + Simple Table + Sink Table

Put together out of three perfectly fitting pieces: a medium barbeque, a worktable and a table with sink, this Family ensemble is resistant to log fire thanks to the materials used, such as armed concrete and fireproof brick. With a total dimension of H 208 (max.) x L 360 x A 78 (max.) cm, the Family ensemble brings together all the essential elements of a summer kitchen. The metalic grill for the barbeque is also included
The products are delivered on pallets anywhere in Europe.

installing instructions: It is extremely easy to install by following a LEGO-like scheme, using a thermoresistant adhesive (Weber Super Flex) on a straight platform. After installing, clean the surface and let the adhesive dry out for at least 5 hours, depending on the season.

Technical details:
MEDIUM Barbeque
Materials: armed concrete pannels cladded with natural stone;
Transport: pallets;
Dimensions: H 208 x L 120 x A 78 cm;
Weight: 800 kg;

Materials: armed concrete panels cladded with natural stone;
Transport: pallets;
The sink is incorporated and can be manufactured out of metal or concrete;
Dimensions: H 135 x L 120 x A 60 cm;
Weight: 450 kg;

Materials: amred concrete pannels cladded with natural stone;
Transport: pallets;
Dimensions: H 135 x L 120 x A 60 cm;
Weight: 420 kg;

Total weight: 1670 kg (all 3 pieces)

We deliver internationally.

Product specification

Adhesive consumption
1 ensemble = 3 sacks
Color variation
Order now and we will dispatch it internationally by truck, container or even courier) regardless of quantity, our cost of transport is extremely low. Also we have dedicated teams in order to instal fast and easy.
Product code
Product for cleaning (light stains)
LTP Grout Stain Remover
Product for cleaning and aftercare (daily)
LTP Power Striper
Product for cleaning before or after installation
LTP Power Striper
Product for intensive cleaning or stains
LTP Grout Stain Remover
Recommended adhesive
Weber.Set Superflex Max² 25kg
Recommended sealer
LTP Mattstone
Sealer for color enhancement
LTP Color Intensifier
Specific observations or benefits
Bonus: Metallic grill included!
Suitable for:
Exterior - floor covering
Weight (U.M.)

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Garden Barbeque Family Set with polygonal flagstone PIATRAONLINE
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