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How to choose a natural stone floor for a house with children and pets

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Slate | Granite | Quartzite

Natural stone should first be chosen considering its destination. For instance, the pristine white Thasos marble is suited for the bathroom but not so much for the children's bathroom or for a service bathroom. For a family that has children and pets, the suitable natural stones are slate, granite and quartzite. Slate's texture provides more adherence for small feet and tiny paws. Moreover, the color varieties are perfect for every type of project, whether it's classic, rustic or modern. The right finishes in this case are tumbled, honed or riven, because they also provided added adherence.

photo source: www.carrelage-unidal.fr

Let's not fall into this trap..

Children and animals imply high traffic, which means the floors should be durable. The natural stone used for these types of floors must be scratch and wear resistant. Limestone based products such as marble and travertine tend to scratch easily. Even though they have an elegant look, are practical and durable, they are not a good fit for high traffic areas. Let's not fall into the trap of choosing a stone only for its aesthetic qualities and price. For instance, travertine tiles or mosaics look good and are quite affordable, but are a poor choice for intense traffic areas such as family homes with many children and pets. Slate or granite are far better options. And while slate has a higher price range, granite products are affordable.

photo source: sonikas.com


Irrespective of your final decision, floor products require the same maintenance steps:

1) surface sealing once every three years or as often as recommended by the specialist
2) cleaning with special solutions to protect the surface (colour, texture, finish). We recommend products in the LTP category.
3) avoid using acidic products such as lemon juice, vinegar, ammoniac, bleach etc.
4) special solutions can be replaced with a light, non-acidic, non-abrasive, light cleaning solution (when recommended by a specialist)
5) use a mop or a soft broom instead of the vacuum cleaner
6) remove stains as soon as you notice them, so that they won't penetrate the stone

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How to choose a natural stone floor for a house with children and pets
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