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Natural stone for HoReCa projects: 3 different approaches

publicat in: General // Publicata pe 17.05.2017

How to choose natural stone for HoReCa projects

First of all, you have to choose the type of mood you want for the cafe, restaurant or hotel. A rough stone in panel form (slate, marble, travertine) or polygonal slabs (Homa, Rhodos etc.) will create a Mediterranean, rustic atmosphere, due to the raw texture of the products. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are the honed or polished stone, like marble, granite, slate or travertine. The presence of these stones provide the space with a refined elegance and are especially suited for large rooms (restaurants, hotel receptions etc.).  

First approach: rustic elegant

The walls can be cladded entirely (photo 1) or partially (photo 2). The contrast between the whiteness of the walls and the rugged look of the stone (Rusty Brown Slate strips) creates a calm, rustic, even archaic environment, while the modern elements of the space, such as the TV, the audio system and the bar equipment, create an interesting contrast.

Light plays a crucial role in natural stone design projects. As we can clearly see in the below images (Ristorante Casa Anca 72, Bucharest), stone looks differently depending on light, whether it is natural or artificial, but also if its dim or more intense. The texture of the stone puts on a true spectacle with the help of a good light system.

(photo 1) Rusty Brown Slate strips

(photo 2) Rusty Brown Slate strips

Approach no. 2: the classic

In the following images, we can see spaces in which polished, shiny or honed stone tiles were used. To name but a few of the possible choices: marble (Sunny Dream, Tundra Grey, Calacatta Lucina, Nero Marquina etc.), travertine (Latte, Classic, Silver, Yellow etc.) or onyx (Polished Honey). In the below image of Militari Residence Spa you can see the Latte travertine.

You can really sense a very open and bold space due to the choice of stone and also the scarcity of the furniture. These types of projects express respect, safety, comfort and elegance. Unlike the project presented above, there is a lot more light here, which makes the surface of the polished stone shine even more. The bright light bulbs highlight the stone's veiny patterns.

(photo 3) – Polished Latte travertine

(photo 4) – Polished Latte travertine

(photo 5) – Polished Latte travertine

Approach no. 3: vintage

Honey onyx is one of the most spectacular stones that can be used in HoReCa projects. In the “Aviator” Hotel Boutique (see below), the thick bar is made from transparent onyx. The light that shines through the pattern of the stone needs to further comments. Due to its colour, onyx is suited for both classic, elegant projects, but also for vintage spaces, in the company of wood and wrought iron, like in the case of this hotel. 

The design scheme of this space is based on the mix between the warmth and elegance of the onyx and an inviting, homey interior that looks more intimate than other hotels usually do. In this case natural stone is the element that elevates the entire atmosphere of the space.

(photo 6) – Honey onyx

(photo 7) – Honey onyx

For more suggestions about how to used natural stone call +40318.222.333, email us at export@piatraonline.com or, better yet, visit our showroom in 137A Teisani Street, District 1, Bucharest, Romania.

Natural stone for HoReCa projects: 3 different approaches
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