Santa Claus can bring more special gifts

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Santa Claus can bring more special gifts

A natural sandstone lamp, solid and elegant. Its warm colours and porous surface remind you of the natural environment it comes from: a wild land, far away from the hustle and bustle of civilisation. It works with 220 V electricity and can easily be used in any type of space, whether it's the living room, the desk, the bedroom, in a coffee shop or outdoors, on a terrace or a balcony.

Natural stone lamps

The Desert Rose is a miracle of nature. As always, left to function by its own rules, nature develops into amazing objects. This type of stone is shaped with the help of three elements: water, wind and sand. It's fragile, but also it's said to have therapeutic qualities, restoring the psychological and emotional balance of those near it, while also neutralising negative energies in the surrounding environment.

Desert Rose

A small Thasos marble tree. It is as much durable and surprising as it is delicate and refined. It makes for a perfect gift for both loved ones, family and also colleagues, bosses or business partners. The significance of this objects is vast. It can express purity, sturdiness, perfection, moral qualities, tenderness, trust. They also make perfect wedding favours.

Thasos marble tree

A unique semiprecious gift: onyx. This type of stone is versatile and can fit in any type of design project. This ashtray is elegant and discreet and sets a certain tone for the surrounding decor. This gift can literally last a lifetime, because onyx is a very durable natural stone and is simple to maintain.

Onyx ashtray

How many natural stone wine racks have you seen so far? Probably not so many. That is why this type of gift is very appreciated by the receiver. The rack can have between one and five orifices and can be easily maintained.

Wine bottle rack - Mandras Sandstone

You've noticed that she takes her time when she enjoys a cup of coffee at home. And she probably needs a special coffee table that complements the design of your home. The Volakas marble coffee table is an inspired Christmas gift that will become a very pleasant surprise.

The Moon coffee table (Volakas marble)

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