Hidrizolatie flex. pt. int.+ext. WeberTec SuperFlexD2 24kg

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Product description

Flexible bicomponent water insulation for both the interior and the exterior, most often used on cellar walls made out of brick or concrete, underground walls, concrete walls, foundations etc. It can also be used for sealing the underground walls at the interior as well as for sealing water tanks (found indoor, with water column of maximum 15 m). As a preliminary sealing and binding layer under a polymeric modified bitumen, the water insulation goes on under brickworks and binding layers on old anionic bitumen surfaces. It can also be used as an adhesive for extruded polystyrene, rigid foam tiles and miner fiber tiles. Especially recommended as a sealant underneath natural stone and ceramic claddings.

The Weber.Tec Superflex D2 is a flexible bicomponent water insulation with fast adhesion, based on cement and quartz sand. Contains high reactivity polymers, reactive filling materials and additives.

2 components, in plastic buckets of 5 kg (60 buckets/pallet).
2 components, in plastic buckets of 20 kg (18 buckets/pallet).

2.5 kg per sqm, in two layers

SUPPORT PREPARATION: The supporting surface must be clean, undeformable, dry, fixed, free of slippery surfaces (grease, bitumen, tar, dust etc.), must not present frost traces, free of large cracks or lumps. sealed parts and residues which may diminish the adherence must be removed. The margins, edges and corners must be rounded and lumps must be leveled out. The cracks and cavities larger than 5 mm must be closed and filled.

WORK AND PREPARATION METHOD: The flexible Weber.Tec Superflex D2 water insulation is a bicomponent material: a liquid-pasty component and a powder one. Pour one liquid component into a bucket, over which you must add the powder component. Mix the two components using an electric mixer for two-three minutes (at a maximum torque of 800 rpm) until a homogenous paste is obtained. The mixing ratio must be 1:1 in terms of weight. The obtained paste must be applied with a brush, roller, paintbrush, mechanical or steel trowel. In order to obtain a waterproof layer you need to apply at least two layers (3 layers for the surfaces exposed to water under pressure). The first layer of Weber.Tec Superflex D2 must be applied on the entire surface of the support which was prepared in a compact layer (approx. consumption 1,25 kg/m by mm thickness). The minimum layer must be respected in each and every point of the soon to be sealed surface. The following layer can be applied once the first one cannot be deteriorated by applying a new one. In order to ensure a tension-free drying, the quantity on a layer must not be bigger than 1,5 kg/m. On vertical surfaces such as walls, ceramic claddings can be done after approx. 90 minutes while horizontal surfaces such as floors become functional and can be cladded with ceramic tiles after approx. 4 hours since applying the last layer of sealant. Surfaces can be exposed to constant water action after 3 days. The adhesion time is influenced by weather.

RECOMMENDATIONS: All works will be executed at an air and support temperature of +3oC to +30oC and bad weather conditions are to be avoided (rain, snow, strong winds, direct sunlight). In the case of strong sunlight, the water insulation will be applied in a shady area. sealed surfaces will be protected against rain and frost for at least 4 hours since the application. Do not dilute the material with water and do not mix it with other construction materials. The areas surrounding the application surface must be covered with duct tape and protection foil. The used tools must be washed immediately after use.

Product specification

Minimum order quantity
Weight (U.M.)
24 kg
Color variation
1 x 30cm
Product code
Suitable for:
Interior - wall cladding
Exterior - wall cladding
Interior - floor covering
Exterior - floor covering
+/- 1 cm
Specific observations
Product purchase details
Packaging Unit Weight (kg)
24 Kg
Packing details
30 pieces / pallet
Weight of the pallet / box / package (kg)
720 Kg
Weight per piece (kg)

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Recommended for:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Covered terrace
  • Uncovered terrace
  • Swimming pool
  • Exterior Paving
  • Wet spaces

Suitable for:

  • Interior - wall cladding
  • Exterior - wall cladding
  • Interior - floor covering
  • Exterior - floor covering

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