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How to decorate a kitchen with natural stone

publicat in: Kitchen // Publicata pe 31.07.2017

A kitchen is defined by style, friendly mood and individuality and if want a dream kitchen, you should focus on decorative elements and accessories. Naturally, the best suited material for decorating your kitchen is natural stone, source of inspiration and always reliable.

A bar looks perfect in open space kitchens

Open space kitchens have bar for decoration purpose but also for highlighting space. Natural stone is best suited material for your bar due to many reasons. First is durability, essential for natural stone, whether you choose granite, marble or travertine for your countertop. Also, don’t worry about etching, especially if you throw a party every once in a while.

A very original idea with great impact is a bar that replicates a wine cellar, combination of wood and natural stone just like a “wall” for your open space kitchen. At the same time, marble or travertine with glossy surfaces are ideal for such a kitchen. For a strong contrast, use wood in your kitchen and create a space filled with elegance.

After sealing with professional solutions, natural stone aftercare is very easy. Keep in mind to wipe it with a clean dry cloth and apply professional solutions for sealing, stone cleaning and aftercare.

Luxury and elegance with the right accessories

Kitchen is an area mostly used for cooking or having a family dinner, however it does not mean that elegance should be avoided in your kitchen, doubled by style and good taste.

Sink is a good example and original idea for natural stone accessories with increased lifetime. Travertine or marble sinks are available in a wide range of colors and extra benefits include special texture and fine lines. As for the shape, options include square, rectangular and round and also customized based on your kitchen design.

Natural stone sink is a perfect fit for a classic kitchen influenced by simplicity, but looks fine in a stylish kitchen. Sink cutout is possible or over a countertop. Even natural stone design objects are suitable for kitchen decoration (for example flower vase, feng shui statue, promoting fortune and prosperity or candle holder). Natural stone is an unlimited source of ideas for home decoration.

Read also “Kitchen countertop Ideas: travertine, marble or granite” which includes budget estimates!

Furthermore, instead of classic wood kitchen support, choose one from natural stone. This material is water and steam resistant and it will not stain easily. Sink support from natural stone has pleasant look and fits perfectly with any kitchen, regardless of size (larger in houses or smaller in flats).

Rustic design kitchen is best highlighted by a sink support from wood and natural stone. For surface protection and against stains, seal surfaces with professional solutions, after installation.

Use terrazzo slabs for a daring decoration

If you like nonconformist and dream of a unique kitchen design, use terrazzo tiles for your decoration project. Regardless of surface, terrazzo tiles are best suited for one or more walls decoration in your kitchen. This material induces a playful and cheerful mood, creating a feeling of perfect space.

For wall cladding avoid aggressive colors in other areas of your kitchen. We recommend underscoring such a dynamic personality by creating a setting with warm and simple shades.

Last but not least, travertine or granite tiles are best suited for kitchen flooring. Available in light shades, especially for kitchens limited by space, terrazzo tiles create a feeling of space. For spaces without restriction, you can choose any color you want for flooring.

You can even choose a very sophisticated dark color marble. For granite flooring, the right shades could be gray or brown but also lighter one, in kitchens with limited space.

For further details on choosing the stone best suited to your decoration project, give us a call at + 40318 222 333 or visit our showroom to see the concept spaces.

How to decorate a kitchen with natural stone
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