How to decorate your child’s bedroom. Practical tips and ideas

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How to decorate your child’s bedroom. Practical tips and ideas

One of the best ways for decorating your children’s bedroom is to choose a theme (for boys or girls) or one of your child’s favourite color. Here are some ideas on how to set up your decoration project.

Bedroom’s theme
First, you should start by reviewing books or favourite magazines of your child for decoration ideas. Your search could also include directories and design magazines and last but not least the internet. Of course, all these happen after the initial phase: a discussion with you child. Depending on age, your child could have ideas: favourite color, preferred sports and favourite cartoons or movies characters. Finally, you should be able to find a main theme, foundation for your future decoration project.

Materials and colors
Next, select the materials for complementing the theme. Don’t be afraid to use fabrics, prints or even photo wallpapers for complementing the theme, as main elements of the room to be decorated.
For walls and ceiling choose a color to match the main elements. Also, the background can be a variation of your child’s favourite color and do not neglect chromatic contrasts.

Center of attention and decoration
Choose the center of attention, for example bed area. This will become bedroom’s most important area. Of course, you can also focus on playground and customize it together: do some paintings, make collages or create together decorations with story.

A child’s bedroom is more about creativity, so use your imagination for choosing decorations elements. For example, if your child loves tennis, install a net at footboard, add tennis rackets or create something with tennis balls.

Functional areas and other details
Make sure you shave a free space for display: drawings, toys collection and current projects. Also, save sufficient space for clothing, books and toys. The study desk can have playful elements of its own, but mainly it should be large enough. Storage spaces (exposed or concealed) can also be decorated, for matching the main theme. Keep a mind an important rule: when decorating child’s room with a theme, materials have to be repeated in the room at least three times, on three different areas. The result is harmony and integrated look.

Get rid of all electric cables around doors, bed and playground area. Watch out for slippery areas and keep in mind that natural stone is ideal for flooring and due to slip-resistance you can avoid accidents.

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