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The Romanian Poch Architecture: “The road to harmony is the road to simplicity”

publicat in: Interviews // Publicata pe 09.03.2018

The new interview series with the designers and interior architects, today we talk with Ms. Mihaela Dumitru, architect from Pocharquitectura Romania, about the natural stone landscaping, favourite by the Romanians, about the ways in which the natural stone can be brought into the light, but also about the benefits of a collaboration with a professional interior designr.

Which are the Romanian tendencies – in terms of interior design? What are the favourite styles/concepts by the Roumanians when they want to fit up the house?

Most of our young clients want the minimal trends - meaning more white, black and white or only one color for the colors of the sky or for the flowers…The adults, the traditionals who build houses or pensions, choose the country/rustic style, with bathrooms in which the walls are plated with stone – travertine, by example (I have my bathroom plated with Travertine), with hallways and stairways where we use a lot of Granite or stones with the colors of the Earth.

Working with an architect when building a house – which are the important benefits which are sometimes overlooked?

The road to harmony is the road to simplicity. I think sometimes, from many reasons, by example because we are too busy, the people complicate the landscaping solutions and they loose this objective… It’s like that : “ This is what I saw and I like it”. So, every single landscaping it’s another project and I think this is the role of an architect/designer.

In which type of landscaping do you prefer the natural stone?

The hallways’ floors and the staircases – the most frequent product is Granite.

(PHOTO: The backyard from Barcelona Residence, built on Straulesti Road)

Which are the ways in which the stone can be brought into the light when landscaping?

Decorative Panels for deluxe stones, veneering and bathroom flooring, countertops for the kitchen, sinks for the bathrooms. The columns , the fountains are being requested from a certain type of clients, who are interacting with Feng Shui style… The stones for the alleys have their own place in the rustic/ country style.

Which is the most common error encountered in the stone landscaping?

I think the most common error is the bad workmanship. I had situations when I hardly choose the rock to yield the panels and the picture, which was a perfect project, but it ended up different. We should have more serious evaluation from the builders…

What do you consider to be the most representative issues that you want to share with us?

For me, the usage of the stone in the bathroom is an energy point. It is well known that the stone is a positive energy donor when we go back to our daily activities. So, a warm bathroom, with heated flooring made from marble, an exceptional thermic conductor, comes to recharge our batteries. Personally, I believe in the usage of Onyx in healing health issues. Our “energetic bathroom” concept uses the stone for every single customer – so he can find the emotional and physical equilibrium.

What is your opinion about the evolution of the building market, especially the natural stone market?

The stone has a big advantage: it reinvents itself. You can polish it when it grows old because of its texture; you can reuse it in other works, you can mix it with wood for deluxe furniture. You can pave the alleys, challenging the time, you can ennoble the coffins with the rest of the stones that didn’t fit in mosaics, giving a clean and tidy style. It has been a supreme quality : it always defies the everlastingness.

Pocharquitectura is an international architecture studio, with branches/offices in Spain, Mexico, Poland and Roumania. In Roumania, ProDesignConcept has merged with Poch for more industrial projects, factories and block of houses, such as Barcelona Residence, Straulesti Road (already finished) and Urcusului Residence.

The Romanian Poch Architecture: “The road to harmony is the road to simplicity”
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