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Kaiamo: The concept of growing roots in a rootless world | #FoodRocks

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What if our passion for stone and yours for design would merge and become one? What if your ideas would combine with our materials for a collection targeting the kitchen enthusiasts? These ideas lead to FoodRocks – a contest for designing kitchen items, a challenge for us and all creatives, eager to bring added value and a way for us to stimulate their ideas. For maintaining our brand promise, #generatinginspiration, we wished to prove that our showroom can host a number of creative events, no matter if this takes place in our kitchen or in the Pavilion. Thus we continue the #FoodRocks project, which turned into a creative tag aimed at the most creative chefs in Romania, with a series of online shows focusing on their dishes and cooking methods, for taking the story further. The first chef who accepted our challenge was Liviu Chiorpec and the story of him and "La Chiorpec" is available in here. The second chef who accepted our challenge is Radu Ionescu, Founder & Head Chef at Kaiamo.


"Kaiamo includes bits from my memories, just like the memories of every child born and raised in Romania, added carefully and sincerely into every dish. These are the recipes I grew up with, plus others learned during my studies and finally others I managed to develop during significant times of my life."Radu Ionescu


photo source: trendshrb.ro


There are people who reveal their purpose in life early, while others discover it along the way. Most of the time, by chance, at the slightest impulse. By the time young Romanians began to discover England and its universities, somewhere around 2010, Radu Ionescu studied business management and marketing, without the least connection to cooking. Later, attending University of Westminster’s master of marketing, he revealed his cooking passion. So, what started as a hobby turned into a challenge. He signed up for Le Cordon Bleu Institute and was accepted. After graduating and driven by the desire to learn even more, he applied again at Cordon Bleu, this time for a master course in molecular kitchen and restaurant management. After gaining experience into several restaurants, he came back to Romania for a 2-week holiday that extended.


"I've been gone so many years and I don't regret anyting, but no matter where this might lead me, I want you to know that I'm beginning with a project here, at home. Now is the right time, because I am able to use all the passion I’ve at this age."Radu Ionescu


photo source: trendshrb.ro


Kaiamo is a personal place where Radu Ionescu invested all his memories, emotions and knowledge. Genuine and upright. This is based on two very important elements – time and space. Local products and seasonal products. A place where the Romanian gastronomic culture is reborn in other forms, bearing the personal touch of its creator. The restaurant is built on areas: a living area, a lounge area and a chef's table – the pinnacle of all things. Radu Ionescu invested his soul into this project – 9 seats, 9 cm thick countertop, a tasting menu based on 15 dishes from several categories. The place where you can relive Radu’s first experience since he began cooking, or the strongest emotion conveyed by his dishes. He only uses seasonal ingredients always making sure of their local origin, therefore he updates his menu every 3 months. Kaiamo menu is exclusively defined by personal experiences and feelings and includes 4 categories: Land, Sea, Garden and Puddings, each category including 5 dishes. And since they promote the “seasonal” concept, every season is #generatinginspiration in terms of culinary and sensory experiences. Many of the menu dishes started from something specific and significant for Radu, for allowing him to pass it on with the emotion of flavors and tastes. Every dish is backed up by a story and by customer’s request, people are available for explaining everything. If not, there will be a dish of food that wishes to alter perceptions a little bit. With this project, Radu Ionescu and his team plans to turn the restaurant into an authentic Romanian symbol, as a tribute to the country he missed so much, placing Romania on the gastronomic map of the world.


photo source: trendshrb.ro


Inspired by autumn, Radu Ionescu and his sous-chef, Octavian Manole, prepared several signature – dishes for FoodRocks. Surely you've heard of the famous "1989 – “Parizer” on newspaper" by Kaiamo, almost recreating the childhood experience. “Parizer” was always used by our mothers for sandwiches and its taste will transport you into that time. As a side dish for Parizer, with specific symbolism for Radu, at Kaiamo you will receive mashed potatoes and cucumber salad. For Radu, Parizer meant his Sunday reward, prepared carefully by his grandmother. Parizer in breadcrumb was paper wrapped, a copy a Scanteia newspaper of the time. Something trivial by essence, can become an authentic experience, from both sociological and culinary point of view.


A venison wild boar, inspired by forest, with edible steak and a plating recreated from the contemporary setting and for dessert, edible stones. Desert was dubbed "Kogaionon" – the Holy Mountain of the Geto-Dacians – the mountain for worshipping their God, Zamolxis, shaped as a stone.


photo source: trendshrb.ro


"For me, one of the most beautiful kitchen moments is removing the bread from the oven."


The interior design, mostly handled by Radu Ionescu, is defined by minimalistic elements, ancient wood with golden glitters here and there. Furniture and accessories were restored from ancient pieces of wood coming from every region of Romania, wood restored with assistance from some craftsmen. The tables and loung esofa were built from oak wood, crafted by Sibiu craftmasters and wood from an inn flooring was used for the bar. The mask displayed at the entrance is also restaurant’s logo. Typical of Maramures region and a symbol of change, transition from one stage to another, as protection element against negative vibes.


Just like this symbol, Kaiamo aims at changing the ambience – from cultural and gastronomic point of view – with feelings, emotions and authentic experiences. And it is not only the place, but also the people in here have a story, working everyday for customers in search of more than just a dish. With every dish, Radu Ionescu and his team try to bring back some of the Romanian culture, with stories and dishes that entered the perception as symbols of the past. Besides these emotions, they try as much as possible to use the local, seasonal ingredients, delivered by local farmers. #FoodRock brings you a small part of what's going on there, but for sampling the taste of Parizer, you need to make a reservation and experience a world of taste.


photo source: trendshrb.ro


We need inspiring people for making us realize that there are no boundaries if you put your soul into your activity and at some point, no matter how much you fight back, you will truly find your purpose in life, genuinely #generatinginspiration for those around. For us, natural stone is soul. And that soul is the origin of every PIATRAONLINE idea.

Kaiamo: The concept of growing roots in a rootless world | #FoodRocks
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