Kitchen Decoration Trends

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Kitchen Decoration Trends

What is the latest trend in kitchen decoration? Because kitchen is a sociable area, you should focus on creating an airy, well organized space. Efficiency is important, next to other trends in kitchen decoration:

Open shelves
The open shelves represent a practical and beautiful solution for kitchen decoration and providing a personal touch.

Rustic Kitchen by Claremont Cabinets & Cabinetry Crown Point Cabinetry

Mixing modern and traditional
Traditional design is very popular in kitchen decoration, because elements with such inspiration (either patterns or decorations) convey warm and fresh air, mainly associated with modern lines and contemporary principles.

Interesting textures
Designers also recommend using textured materials (natural stone or raw wood). Natural stone is ideal for creating remarkable texture due to a special charm of tiles, mainly in splitface or tumble finish.

The latest trend in kitchen decoration marks a transition from geometrical to elegant patterns, highlighted by terrazzo tiles used as an accents or for an entire wall.

Find further details on “How to use terrazzo slabs for decorating?”

Powerful colors
For a stylish kitchen decoration we recommend strong and vibrating color accents inspired by tribal atmosphere. Daring colors (such as Marsala, Pantone Color of the Year 2015) and tones of turquoise and pink are some daring colors for highlighting your kitchen.

Eclectic Kitchen by San Luis Obispo General Contractors Green Goods

Light sources with industrial design are in trend, such as black stainless steel, vintage style light bulbs, or elements and wall lamps made from brass. Space management is also important, because there are many modern cabinets, efficient and easy to use. From the trend that promotes streamlining, another solution recommend durable materials such as natural stone (used for kitchen countertops or flooring).

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