5 interior design trends from 2015 that are still popular in 2016

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5 interior design trends from 2015 that are still popular in 2016

Lighter wood

If you’ve also had enough of fiberboards and other not so natural materials, go with wood and stone as the main materials for upgrading your home. Even though they imply a slightly bigger initial investment, in the long run, these materials are more durable and do not require replacement expenses. On the other hand, natural materials, no matter their style or shape, transform any house into a warm and welcoming home.
This is probably one of the reasons why wood is still going strong in 2016. Last year, the most innovative of interior design schemes contained wood pieces in light shades, like birch, oak, maple, beech, alder etc., each with their own qualities that recommend them for various applications. For instance, beech is a type of wood that can be used for anything you want, because it is, like oak, a hardwood. Birch and alder, for instance, are softwoods, so they are more suited for decorating and protecting walls, rather than for flooring.

Why light wood? Because, unlike the sumptuous darker wood, it makes the space look more homey, more inviting and brighter, thus more spacious.

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For a long time, copper and his alloy, copper, have been considered kitsch and avoided by designers. In 2015, though, these materials have made a strong comeback. If used wisely they can add precious accents to any space and give it personality. Their retro look and feel make them perfect materials for cutlery, decorative objects, lighting products or even furniture or other devices.

Photo source: www.decoist.com
How to use brass or copper in your home? Simple: limit it to a few objects to avoid excess. You can add a brass element in each room, from sanitary objects to vintage decorations in the kitchen, living room or even your bedroom.

Marble is one of the most popular natural stones for interior design because of its chromatic versatility and excellent physical qualities, like its durability and waterproofness. No wonder it has been used for thousands of years in the entire world.

Calacatta Marble kitchen countertop. Source: www.stoneworld.com
In 2016, you can use marble in more creative ways than ever before. If, until now, you were using marble as a countertop or a floor, you can now use it in less conventional ways, such as for cladding walls or other decorative sculpted accessories. You can also use marble to ornate solid wood furniture, whether it’s antiqued or has a modern cut.

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Reclaimed wood
Returning to wood, which is such a popular material, there is another trend that is spreading fast: furniture made out of reclaimed wood. We’re talking about wood that has been recovered from old pieces of furniture, from old buildings that have been demolished, from ceilings or wooden roofs. This type of wood is a real treasure which is revealed only after it has been polished or cut, in other words, after the top layer has been removed.
These reclaimed wood “jewels” can be also found in Romania – you can see them at specialized fairs, for instance, and they have the ability to transform any room in an instant. A coffee table, a nightstand, a big family table, chairs etc. – all of these furniture pieces are small works of art which deserve a special place in every home.

A kitchen painted in.. black
A black kitchen is the perfect example of unconventional design and elegance taken to extremes. In this type of room granite, slate and SKIN, the flexible slate veneer, can be mixed together to create a sumptuous decor, while black marble can give it a touch of nobility. To complete the look, use black painted wood, ebony appliances and wrought iron lighting. This bold design defies limits and manages to create a surprisingly coherent space.

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