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Interior decorations: functionality, aesthetics and therapy

publicat in: Living room // Publicata pe 18.04.2017

Small but bold interior decorations
If we've mentioned decorative sand, we definitely have to add decorative glass to the discussion. With it, everything becomes child's play. White, blue, yellow or green, these small colourful stones with round edges can add a bit of personality to each corner of the house. Especially if they are highlighted with the help of light spots. Whether they are laid evenly on the window sill, arranged into small bulks on the bookcase shelves or placed in transparent bowls on the desk or in the middle of a conference table, these decorative elements bring about a sense of harmony and relaxation.

Decorative piece made with yellow and purple decorative sand

Sandstone Mandras lamp

Interior decorations - perfect gifts for everyone

Natural stone has always had a soothing effect. And smaller natural stone decorative pieces are not different. A candle holder made from Mandras sandstone, black slate platters (10 cm in diameter), Honey Onix (semiprecious stone) or petrified wood ashtrays will always attract attention and remind you of the natural environments from which they came. All these decorative objects are durable and simple to maintain with special solutions that are easily available. Because of their rough appearance, most of them being only slightly processed, these decorative pieces make great gifts for both those that are dear to you and for people you have business relations with (clients, co-workers, business partners etc.). Other gift options include the Mandras sandstone wine bottle holder (which can have one to five holes), the Mandras sandstone lamp (height: 50 cm) and last but not least, the exotic Desert Rose decoration.

Desert Rose

Interior decoration therapy

Although the Desert Rose is a fragile stone, it has a series of therapeutic properties. More specifically, it helps eliminate energy blockages, it improves one's mental state and brings prosperity in business. It can also help consolidate decision making and in the past it has been known for improving the health of epilepsy patients. Because of its positive energy and surprising appearance, the Desert Rose is an amazing decoration object.

Find out about the types of stone you can use outside here.

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Interior decorations: functionality, aesthetics and therapy
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