Modern minimalist living rooms

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Modern minimalist living rooms

If you’re aiming for a minimalist style, go for straight lines, clear shapes, a few subtle decorations, not too many colors and balanced contrasts. This artistic current has developed substantially in recent years and is a great influence in interior and exterior design, while managing to integrate natural stone successfully. It’s only natural that stone be among the materials used in minimalist projects, because it fits the concept perfectly: it’s simple and natural. Even though some have intricate veins and patterns, their smooth or even surfaces fit into the graphic language of minimalism.

When you design such a space, it’s enough to cover only one of the walls with natural stone (either mosaics or large slabs of stone), in order for the living room to look more open and for the other decorative elements and furniture pieces to connect more easily with each other. Because of its versatility, natural stone can be integrated in a lot of different design schemes. You can also combine two similar stone or stone with other materials such as wood, stainless steel, glass or perfectly polished transparent plastic.

Smooth shapes, neutral geometry
In contemporary, minimalist projects, the lines of the spaces define simple trajectories which can be perfectly supported by natural stone cladding. In modern living rooms, natural stone can manifest itself as a background for simple polished furniture, as you can see in the images below, where the wall is cladded with Volakas marble.

On the other side, minimalism allows for a chromatic dialogue between brighter colors, which can focus attention to a certain side of the room. This strategy works best in the cases of living rooms which include open kitchens. It can create an elegant yet practical mix. Natural stone furniture is also an amazing option that complements a minimalist project. These pieces of furniture stun through their clean lines, simple textures and finishes. A refined Volakas dining or coffee table is perfect for a minimalist living room, leaving you enough room to choose other decorative elements. Because white goes with everything, right?

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Durable and refined, natural stone proves to be a perfect match for minimalist interiors. This material has the potential of transforming any living room into a bold interior. Moreover, it is going to last for generations.

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