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Silicone decorative plaster – Weber Pas Silicone Plus/rolls - R653

Product code : APN-1015

The underlay must be clean, non-deformable, dry, fixed and free of antiadhesive substances (efflorescence, bitumen, dust etc.), not frozen and having the required curing age and bearing capacity. If necessary, the layers with poor mechanical strength will be removed and the areas with problems will be repaired. We recommend that bumps will not exceed 1 mm. Before applying the decorative plaster, for reducing/levelling water absorption of the underlay and improving adhesion, apply a Weber G700 primer coat and allow to dry for 5-12 hours.

For obtaining the most uniform color and the amount of decorative plaster required for a wall surface, we recommend mixing the contents of several buckets.
Application: The obtained material is applied on the underlay using a stainless steel trowel with maximum 1.5 – 2 thickness (depending on the granulation).
Recommendation: For obtaining the lightest possible structure, you should apply a coat as thin as possible, as described above.
Obtaining the structure: The "grain" or "agglomerated" grain structure is obtained by granulating R954 with fine granules by circular grinding while the "tree bark" or "scratched" structure is obtained at grain R654, by linear or circular grinding of the plaster with a plastic trowel after approx. 5-15 minutes or immediately after application, depending on atmospheric conditions (when the material no longer sticks on the plastic trowel). Apply the plaster without interruptions, using the "wet on wet" method for avoiding joints and structural differences.

Apply the plaster when the air and underlay temperature is between + 5 °C to + 30 °C. Avoid applying plaster during strong wind, rain or on surfaces exposed directly to the sun. Freshly applied plaster must be protected from sunlight, rains, frost or other weather conditions until drying. For high humidity and low temperatures conditions it is required a "test floating". After applying the plaster, close the bucket tight so that the remaining material does not cure. The used tools are washed with water immediately after use.

It is recommended for finishing, decoration of new buildings and renovation projects of old buildings. It resists very well in extreme climatic conditions and dusty environments. It can be used for thermal insulation systems finishing and also as a final layer over basic plaster (cement, lime-cement), fine wall plaster, concrete or over thermo-insulating plaster floated with fine wall plaster. Recommended for the thermal insulation system with graphite polystyrene Weber.therm plus.

Decorative plaster for facades, ready-made, in the shape of paste and based on organic binders, containing natural raw materials, synthetic resins and high quality pigments. Available with 3 granulations: Roller Granules - R653 / Medium granules – R 853 / Fine Granules - R953.

Reaction to fire: A2-s1, d0
Water vapor permeability: V1
Water Absorption: W3
Adhesion to support: ≥ 0.3 N / mm2
Durability (frost resistance): Permeability rate EN 1062-3 W ≤ 0.5 kg / (m2h0.5)
Maximum granulation: R953 - with fine granules 1.5 mm;
R853 - with medium granules 2 mm;
R653 - with 2 mm rolls
Color range: 248, according to the color palette

12 months from the manufacture date, in tight sealed buckets, kept away from frost, high temperatures and direct sunlight.

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