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Published: 29 Mar 2018
Mihaela Cetanas, architect: “Natural stone brings energy and life to the project”

Continuing our series of interviews with interior designers and architects, we discuss with Mihaela Cetanas the trends and customers preferences in Romania in terms of interior design and also the benefits of hiring an interior design specialist. Mihaela graduated The Faculty of Theater and Television from Cluj, later attended Design Academy London, with Master in Interior Design / Interior Architecture and currently lives in Romania. Her studies, over seven years of experience in interior design projects and diplomas such as Think101x: The Science of Everyday Thinking gave her an overall view on any project....

Published: 29 Mar 2018
How to decorate your house with travertine and flexible slate

We are visiting Cristina's home in Chiajna, a U-shaped cube-shaped house on a metal structure, having the living room, kitchen and bedroom with the direct access on terrace. How did she get to this type of structure? "We agreed with this option because it was recommended by our contractor, who clearly explained us the benefits. We never wanted a big home and we worked together on this project" says Cristina....

Published: 29 Mar 2018
Small bathroom decoration project: Classic Travertine Mini French Pattern

We are visiting Marian, owner of a redecorated flat in the Banu Manta neighborhood of Bucharest, who lives there with his wife and child. The bathroom is cladded with classic travertine - a warm beige color that conveys a very friendly atmosphere....

Published: 27 Mar 2018
Amazing private residence in Bucharest decorated with natural stone

Home decoration project requires planning, a good analysis of space, but also focusing on important principles such as consistency or balance. We continue the series of articles featuring the most beautiful projects of our clients, this time with a private residence in the north of Bucharest, a project developed with passion, in total agreement with the original plan - a classic line house with modern elements. Natural stone is a material with an intense personality, and the SKIN flexible slate veneer, Classic Cross Cut Brushed Travertine Mini French Pattern Set, Peach travertine and Multi Slate Stripes Wall Cladding Panel highlight the natural look in most of the spaces....

Published: 27 Mar 2018
Manuc’s Inn Restoration: Wood and Natural Stone

Manuc’s Inn, one of the most important historic monuments in Bucharest, was built 200 years ago by the Armenian merchant Manuc Bei. The building was neglected during the Communist and post-communist era, however a larger restoration project was initiated in 2007, aimed at preserving all the features of Brancovenesc architectural style. First of all the commercial premises were restored, followed by the restoration project for the hotel. In here, we will present some of the details for this restoration project: what type of material is used, the renovation of bathrooms and the concept to be applied for the hotel rooms....