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Published: 4 Aug 2017
6 Reasons for Choosing SKIN flexible slate veneer

SKIN flexible slate veneer is one of today’s quite controversial building materials, because its features are not backed up by a long history. In fact, it was introduced on the market 20 years ago, a period in which users attained a constant development and optimization. Today, SKIN flexible slate veneer is a material which stood excellent the test of time, proving durability to many factors interfering with initial design and architecture projects....

Published: 4 Aug 2017
Feng Shui Water Fountains: Good Luck Charms for Your House

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art, originated in the Third Century BC and based on a set of principles for harmonizing and orienting things in a living space while using different colors based on mood, for bringing equilibrium and good luck into our existence....

Published: 4 Aug 2017
2016 Home Decoration Trends

Interior designers and architects have already identified main decoration trends for 2016. If you want to decorate your house, these are the newest tendencies:...

Published: 4 Aug 2017
Natural stone for the base of your house

Natural stone is the perfect material for the base of your house. First, because you have tiles available in a large range of colors for satisfying every possible need. And second, because natural stone is resistant to many freeze/thaw cycles, durable in wet spaces and extreme heat during summer. Choose a material to match your decoration project, make sure it is installed by experts and keep in mind to seal the tiles with the right sealer....

Published: 3 Aug 2017
DIY ideas for SKIN flexible slate veneer cladding

SKIN Flexible slate veneer is the perfect material for a DIY fan. The sheet of this material preserves the textured natural look of stone, helped by advanced technology that adds some fresh features: it is extremely light, thin and flexible. On top of that, it is easy to install on almost any surface (wall, furniture etc.). Here are some ideas of DIY projects for making your house a beautiful place....