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Small bathrooms decoration project need maximum two colors or two shades. If larger areas promote chromatic contrast, for smaller bathrooms it should be avoided strong opposition between colors. Because of this, wall claddings are made with natural stone having monochromatic texture or warm soft shades. “Fantasy” design style allows stronger color scheme and diminished vibrations. Small bathrooms will always be a space dominated by moderate color mix.

In the category of natural stones with bright colors and delicate textures are marbles Thassos Marble Polished Mosaic, Volakas, Cleopatra, Calacatta Lilac Polished Marble, Tundra, Burdur Beige, Classic Travertine and slates Nero and Rosie Wine. Small bathrooms decoration experts recommend color scheme for 2017 which includes grey, white and navy blue. With this background, yellow and light green elements can be projected, especially since greenery is Pantone Color of the Year 2017.

Light and dark brown is another color scheme used for small bathrooms decoration, provided that furniture pieces and sanitary ware have lighter colors. Therefore, wall cladding and flooring with Latte or Peach Travertine and a white marble bathroom sink will create an ideal contrast: visible, but not too obvious.

Moreover, the white marble bathroom sink find “companion” in a bathtub from the same material. Thus, two color splashes (bathtub and sink) provide a moderate contrast. Regardless of size, white marble fills the space with distinction and good feeling, a result difficult to achieve with other materials.

Most bathrooms have rectangular shape, with the bathtub installed on the wall furthest to door, or in worst case, opposite corner to the door. Explanation is simple: this design exploits the space to the maximum. If you want to increase further this feeling of space do not cover the bathtub in its lower part, as it usually happens in Romania.

Many small bathrooms are decorated with natural stone. However, regardless of material (marble, travertine or onyx) bathtub needs free space, because it gives a feeling of larger space. As a result, bathtub with its unique textures becomes main point of attraction of a relaxation museum. If space is not enough for a bathtub, install a shower instead. And accessible “ingredients” create amazing effects with moderate budget, such as: travertine cladded wall (tiles or mosaic), travertine shower tray, inox steel glass door and shower with a large shower head attached to wall or ceiling. For a combination of stylish and friendly having energy from natural colors, we recommend cladding one wall with Multi Slate Stripes Wall Cladding Panel.

Mosaic is used for cladding walls in small bathrooms, however a common mistake is cladding all walls with mosaic. Mosaic (marble, travertine, onyx, etc.) is a stone which reveals a seduction power especially when cladding only one wall, or a definite area from a wall. The mosaic works best as a counterpoint, a color splash that adds dynamics into a space. There are many pictures online featuring small bathrooms decorated with mosaic.

Other examples of convenient solutions for decorating small bathrooms are:
1. discrete illumination with areas of shadows and semi-shadows
2. using a compact number of lines in space geometry (fewer diagonals, since they are shrinking space)
3. using a single color for flooring (same reason – suggests an even smaller space)
4. installing a large mirror (perhaps use mirrors for covering an entire wall)
5. using only one cabinet, as narrow as possible and reaching up to the ceiling (a second cabinet will force the eye to merge the space and create the feeling of arch in bathroom, making it seem even smaller).

Conclusion is that small bathrooms decoration can be achieved with convenient resources and modest budget. Of course there are many solutions available, from cladding with exceptional top materials to affordable natural stones. Besides the price aspect, natural stone decorations have real features: durability (depending on the material), texture and remarkably quality finish, diversity, versatility, availability for combination with many natural stones, easy installation.

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We have a minimalistic style with two facets: straight lines on one hand and organic shapes, on the other hand. Assume that a complex graphic fits a creative approach with more complex structures, variable angle walls and special bathroom sinks with organic shapes.

For further information on small bathrooms decoration do not hesitate to get in touch with us by email: export@piatraonline.com or phone at + 40318 222 333 or visit our showroom from Aleea Teisani nr. 137A, Sector 1, Bucuresti, a genuine source of inspiration!

Small Bathrooms Decoration
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