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Special cut-to-size half bullnose Marble and Travertine pieces

Product code : PSP-3093

PIATRAONLINE offers processing services for some of the elements in our product range (countertops, stairs, window sills, plinths). Bullnose is an edge processing operation for rendering a totally rounded look (convex). Half bullnose is the processing operation for half of the surface. Besides the esthetic purpose, this also comes with easier aftercare for the processed product. The half bullnose is carried out manually with specific tools and devices or automatically with CNC.

The operation includes the following steps:

1. Measuring the surface that needs processing

2. Measuring and marking quotas

3. Fastening the product to be processed on the workbench

4. Begin with the first edge

5. Performing an initial (coarse) grinding of the edge with an angled grinder equipped with an abrasive disc. The type of disc, with the needed degree of abrasiveness is chosen based on the stone hardness (granite, marble, travertine, limestone)

6. Achieving the second edge processing (finer) with a less abrasive disc

7. Finish with fine grit sandpaper, processed in stages, from the largest granulation (below 1000) to the smallest (1500-2000). Alternatively you can use a softer wire brush, followed fine grit sandpaper. Throughout the process, the edge is wiped frequently with a water sponge, to avoid residues left on the surface

8. Polish procedure with small disks or specific brushes

After polishing, waterproof the entire product.

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