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Most opt for a rustic garden, because it is best suited for the idea of spending time outdoors. Natural stone is a key element of any rustic decor. Whether it's used for paving, garden furniture or wall cladding, natural stone fits perfectly in any natural environment.

The features of a rustic garden

1. Natural stone walkways
Walkways are the first design and functional element you have to think about when you build a rustic garden. Natural stone is the perfect material for this, especially polygonal stone, because no two pieces are alike. This adds to the concept of a natural, rustic design scheme. Installing them directly on the ground will look as though they were placed there by nature itself. Choose a light color that will create a pleasant contrast with the bright green of your lawn.

Another type of stone suited for paving is square stone, which was used for paving roads. It mixes well with other natural elements and with the plants you choose for your garden.

2. Garden ovens or barbecues
The garden oven or barbecue is perfect for any garden, especially rustic ones. It's both useful for outdoor parties and aesthetically suited for the natural look and feel of your garden. When it is also cladded with natural stone it become a coherent part of your design scheme. Installing a barbecue is really simple, due to the fact that it comes in 12-piece packages and only requires a special adhesive. Make sure to choose one that is suited for your garden style and size. For a complete garden kitchen, you can also opt for a stone-cladded countertop with a built-in sink and stove.

3. There is no rustic garden without flowers

Flowers are probably the most important feature of a rustic garden. Whether they are planted in the ground or in flowerpots, flowers add a touch of color to any garden. Natural stone can come in handy here too. Flowerpots and flower boxes can be cladded with or made of natural stone. And the result is pretty spectacular. Add a lot of wood to your decor and the rustic garden is complete.   

You yard can easily become the centerpiece of your home if you follow these easy rules for a rustic garden and create a perfect space for parties, relaxation, barbecues or simply reading a book.

Why should you choose natural stone?

When you have a house, you should start considering reliable materials that you can count on for a long period of time. Natural stone is one of the most durable materials and can withstand harsh weather or temperature fluctuations. It was used since Antiquity and most constructions are still functional today so you can be sure it is durable.  

Aside from its durability, natural stone is versatile. It comes in different shapes, colors and textures that allow various combinations that can suit your specific preferences. Which means you can choose a rustic style, a Mediterranean or a modern one, which work better with marble, granite or polygonal stone made out of Kavala or Kavala Antique slate.
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How to build a rustic garden
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