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It’s a wonderful thing to relax outside, surrounded by green plants. To create a garden that is inspired by the beauty of woods and hilltops you will need evergreen plants that can provide your space with volume and natural stone that can create decorative accents on the ground and offer it a dynamic appearance. The role of natural stone is also to keep the garden clean and looking organised. As long as you’re using polygonal natural stone, you can take care of your plants without getting dirty in the rainy days. And there’s nothing more pleasantly surprising than a walkway cladded with river stones. You can get in touch with your creative side and find new ways of decorating your garden with natural stone. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different types of stone and create surprising patterns and shapes. You have the ability to create a mesmerising garden that will enchant your guests as well. You can do a bit on online research to find inspiration for your project.

The natural stone pavilion with a wooden rooftop
If you have a generous garden, natural stone furniture is a great idea. You can even build it underneath a pavilion. These types of outdoor structures are perfect for spending time outdoors, no matter the weather. You can enjoy meals and entertain friends, without sun or rain inconveniencing you. Most of the time, they are built from wood and have a rustic appearance. If you want to enjoy your garden at its full potential, you should build an entire garden kitchen underneath your pavilion. Wood and natural stone go wonderfully together. Natural stone furniture is easy to clean and maintain. And the barbecue will definitely enhance the taste of your food. Aside from the barbecue, you’ll also need an oven, a countertop and a built-in sink. And maybe even a natural stone bar.
Depending on your budget, you can opt for custom furniture pieces. Pay attention to the type of material used for the barbecue. The best type for wood and coal fire is a brick barbecue cladded with polygonal stone. Make sure you barbecue is made to withstand high temperatures, before buying it. Otherwise, you’ll only going to use it for a couple of summers.
Decorative natural stone is also a good material for cladding barbecues. But if you really want a show-stopper in your garden clad your barbecue with mosaic stone, inspired by ancient Roman designs. You’ll need to hire a professional for this type of project because it requires expertise, both aesthetically and functionally. Make sure the adhesive you use is the right one for this type of stone.
If you’d like a terrace more, you can build your own outdoor living room. Use arches and columns to give it a special kind of elegance. You can choose marble as your main material, if your budget allows it, or polygonal stone for a more practical project. The latter is quite versatile and can mix well with any other material in your garden. 

Make sure to seal all your natural stone projects by using special professional solutions. Choose the thickness of the pavement stone according to the amount of traffic you estimate. For medium traffic, we recommend a 2 cm thickness. For the parkway, use polygonal or decorative stone with a thickness of 3 cm. Also, use professional cleaning solutions for your garden kitchen, which can remove grease stains without affecting the stone.

Some quick final notes. No matter the type of outdoor space you wish to build, use these types of stone for the pavement: slate, marble, polygonal stone, decorative stone or travertine. And these types of stone for the walls: decorative stone or mosaic.
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