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Who doesn’t dream of a garden full of flowers and natural stone furniture?

publicat in: Terrace & Garden // Publicata pe 27.03.2017

Choose special flowerpots, made from natural stone, for the warm season. Greece is the perfect source of inspiration for natural stone cladded gardens full of beautiful flowers. Transform your favorite spot in a relaxation heaven with polygonal stone. It’s perfect for both paving and cladding. Just imagine how your summer pavilion could look like if you enclosed it with natural stone.

The right furniture for the outdoors

This type of furniture should be chosen carefully because it has to withstand rain, frost, sunlight and other phenomena. If you’re looking for a complete summer kitchen, you’ll need to equip it with a barbecue, cooking table and built-in sink. We recommend those that are made from brick and cladded with polygonal or decorative stone. You can easily find and order them online. Make sure you choose the right size so that they fit perfectly into your available space. Our products also include installation services.

Make sure to include a dining and relaxation area in your garden, whether you want a table and some chairs or more complex furniture such as sofas or lounge chairs. The table and chairs or benches can be made from steel concrete and cladded with decorative natural stone. These products are installed easily and come in different colors.
Those that prefer a rustic design can pave the entire relaxation space with polygonal stone and opt for wooden furniture instead. The summer pavilion can add to this countryside appeal. If you want to enjoy your meals inside the pavilion you can pave a walkway that leads to it using polygonal or square stone. And if you want to be completely safe when it rains, you can also pave the inside of the pavilion.

Stone is basically indestructible and preserves its appearance for years and years. Its beauty and uniqueness come from the different types of volcanic rock it is made from. That’s why you can find stone in grey, beige, cream, brown, reddish, blue and even green shades. With a little inspiration, you can mix together green and cream stones for cladding the barbecue or brown and blue ones for paving the walkway. Don’t forget to give each walkway a slight inclination so that rain water will not accumulate.
Decorate your yard in the most natural way possible: plant flowers
To match the natural style of the outdoor furniture, flower pots should also be made from natural stone. They will remind you of the exotic Greek gardens. If you are not too passionate about flowers, you can create an arrangement of herbs and wild plants. Mark different layers of plants with slabs of stone or pebbles.
If you also have a pavilion you can plant ivy bushes, Japanese or Canadian ivy. These climber plants bring a bit of mystery and a romantic look to any garden. Some species release a pleasant scent that envelopes the entire yard. Make sure to follow the care instructions for every type of plant. For instance, the Clematis species has flowers that bloom throughout summer and all the way through September. They are also adapted to colder temperatures. When it comes to plants, each detail counts. Remember that climbing plants can give your garden more volume. 

Building and maintaining a garden aren’t easy tasks. They require space, time, patience and money. Taking care of an outdoor space is somewhat of a full time job. It needs cleaning and maintenance. That’s why the garbage bin is a mandatory object. Aside from the large one you keep outside your yard, you also need a smaller, more practical one near your relaxation area. We suggest a granite cladded one that will blend right in.

For other design ideas get inspired by online magazines. Find rustic drinking fountains, custom artesian wells and other decorative elements.
For any other information, call +40318.222.333, email us at export@piatraonline.com or, better yet, visit our showroom in 137A Teisani Street, District 1, Bucharest, Romania.
Who doesn’t dream of a garden full of flowers and natural stone furniture?
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