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As we have said many times, PIATRAONLINE is always looking for new and quality products to offer even more interior and exterior decoration solutions. It is not by chance that the new Catania marble products arrive for the first time in Romania during the summer. Their texture and color blend perfectly with the sun's atmosphere, with the summer air that each of them exudes in very special manner.

The Catania marble products, recently introduced in the PIATRAONLINE portfolio, have a common feature: they all have unprocessed surface (chiseled or splitfaced). Unprocessed surface means that pleasant vibration of natural stone will be perceived instantly in an area cladded with these products.

Catania Cream Marble is a stone characterized by a balanced blend of yellow, gray and white. This adds into the room a touch of elegance and joviality. Catania Milk induces a feeling of serenity and relaxation due to a light gray marked by white inflections. Catania Grey can be considered the most surprising in this class of decorative stones, because in its chromatic we meet both gray and brown, in a relatively equal proportion.

Catania Black Marble Wall Cladding Panel 15 x 60 cm

We will no longer insist on the splitface finish, which is quite well known and widespread in the range of materials used for interior or exterior decoration. But we will stop a little on the tiles: Catania Cream Chiseled, Catania Grey Chiseled and Nihaki Black Chiseled (a product back in our portfolio, different size available this time). Chiseled lines have a depth of approx. 1 cm, with a width of 2-3 mm. The grooves resulted from mechanical processing are interrupted from place to place, with the general appearance being one very special.

The fact that the chiseled lines are parallel to the length of the tiles can contribute to a more powerful graphics of the final model. Thus, the tiles can be installed alternately: one with vertical ribs, followed by another with parallel grooves on the base of the cladded surface. Attention: all cladding is vertically!

Catania Grey Marble Chiseled Line 10 x 30 x 1.5 cm

Catania Cream marble is versatile enough to match the various decorative styles. That is, it harmonizes well with the rustic and Mediterranean styles, yet the elegant style is also very well represented by Catania Cream marble. Catania Milk marble can integrate into minimalist, high-tech approach (helped by the homogeneity of chromatics), but it works at the same aesthetic parameters for elegant, more "precious" or art deco environments. Catania Black is probably best suited for minimalist decors or shabby industrial or elegant industrial trends ...

It is very important to note that a single wall with any of these products can become the necessary touch – which is sometimes enough! – for a room to achieve a truly spectacular personality. Typical examples are restaurants, hotels, cafes, all commercial spaces basically. Of course, the Catania marble product range can also be used for residential decoration projects: bathroom, kitchen, dining room, office or hallway.

Catania Cream Marble Wall Cladding Panel 15 x 60 cm

Panel sizes are 15 x 6 m with a thickness between 1.5 and 3 cm, while the tiles are 10 x 30 x 1.5 cm. Each type of product corresponds to a specific approach. The tiles have a sharper and more "wild" 3D appearance, maintaining a more pronounced feeling of linearity and symmetry. However, regardless of your choice, one thing is for sure - both types of products can be installed easily and are easy to maintain, just like any natural stone.
For further details on how and where these Catania marble products can be used, please get in touch with us by phone +40318.222.333, or email at export@piatraonline.com.

The New Catania Marble! Now available in Romania
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