3 design decisions that can shape your house’s personality

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3 design decisions that can shape your house’s personality
1. Mosaics, some of the most versatile design elements

Your dream home is closer than you think. Everything around you can be completely transformed and become an elegant mix if you follow the advice of professional interior designers and integrate mosaics into your home.

Mosaics are repetitive geometrical shapes which induce a relaxing state. They don’t require a big investment, just a bit of creativity to keep you feeling good each time you enter a room. Mosaics are similar to the traditional woven patterns of our ancestors. They can be poetic and versatile, because they are preinstalled on a flexible net that allows the mosaic to be places on all kinds of surfaces, even round ones.

Mosaics can become focus points in certain areas of the house, but they can also increase the value and sense of space in small rooms.

2. How can you make smart purchases for your home this Black Friday?

How about instead of getting a new phone or gadget this Black Friday, you tried to get something new for your home? Something you’ve always wanted but always found reasons not to buy. It could be the tiles in your bathroom, a sink or a kitchen countertop. All of these can be replaced with modern and sleek natural stone pieces. This Black Friday, you can find quality products at very low prices on PIATRAONLINE.RO

3. Revamp your bathroom for the holidays

The bathroom is a sanctuary for the body and the soul, especially now at the beginning of winter when we try to adapt to low temperatures. Decorate it in a natural way with stone finishes and a stone sink and you’ll almost never want to leave your bathroom again. Natural sinks like these are not only easy to clean and don’t come apart, but they also bring a sense of style and elegance to your space.
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