Marble, travertine and decorative stone, three materials in style

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Marble, travertine and decorative stone, three materials in style

Organic shapes, natural textures and materials – this year’s interior design trends

“Back to nature” is a popular trend. Natural materials that were created after millions of years of evolution are the best for building a dream home. While everything from food, clothing and home accessories have to be ecofriendly. Stone finishes do not deteriorate in time. On the contrary, they become even more beautiful as the years pass.

Our specialists suggest three materials that will never go out if style and that can give your home a unique look and feel.

1. How to include marble in your home
How hasn’t heard of this unique decorative element? Marble is eco-friendly, natural and perfect for any house, whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom or living room. This material can transform any place into something spectacular, whether it’s the countertop, floor or walls. Marble is also versatile. It can also be used for furniture pieces: coffee tables, chairs or bookshelves.

Although marble is a premium product, it is not as expensive as you might think. You can see that here.

2. A bathroom that always feels warm, thanks to a surprising materials
If during summer you have no problem with how the floor feels, during winter, the cold tiles are truly uncomfortable. And because most of us can’t afford floor heating, a great alternative to ceramic tiles is natural stone, like travertine.

Did you know that, unlike ceramic tiles, travertine exudes heat? It preserves heat which makes it perfect for both floors and walls. Travertine actually warms up the space and that is why a bathroom with this type of stone looks welcoming and elegant.
3. Decorative stone, a versatile solution for both outside and inside
Decorative stone is a natural material used to create wonderful decors in any space. Inside the house it can highlight the walls, while outside it can create interesting designs. For instance, a decorative stone fence can add value to the entire property, while a fireplace chimney cladded with decorative stone can significantly change a house’s facade.

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