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Discover 3 magnificent destinations for your next vacation

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We continue with some holiday recommendations in this article, since we are certain the natural stone fans also appreciate the natural scenery and the way the civilization elements have integrated perfectly into a natural setting. The stone - colored or not, closer or farther from the human, more harsh or smooth - has always been part of human’s existence. Today, perhaps more than ever, the modern man discovers the stone values, both in the wild and the decoration project for a house, an office, a supermarket or a hotel…

"The Marble Cave", Chile

On General Carrera Lake, located on the border that separates Chile from Argentina, we find a place where nature reveals the art of creating marvels from stone and water. As if trying to convince us that we always have to look in depth to find the real beauties, the slope of the rock under which the cave is hidden does not invite to be explored at all. Underneath the cliff however, we discover a dream landscape.

The waves have dug for over 6000 years in marble a structure similar to the colorful dance of Aurora Borealis. Identified by the locals as "The Marble Cave", the place is a true masterpiece of nature, the minerals forming here various chromatic layers on the cave vault: turquoise, yellow, purple and green.

And because everything combines in nature, marble has found the perfect partner in the water. The superb colors in the cave vault are reflected in crystal water. The intensity of the light and the chromatic accents modify based on the water depth. The "Marble Cave" can be reached by water only, with a ferry or a kayak that can be borrowed from the locals.

Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain

If in the "Marble Cave" of Chile, the stone performs in the company of water, the cliffs of the village of Setenil de las Bodegas (Spain) offer an amazing landscape resulting from the combination of the stone with the air. Here, in this Andalusian town, houses are digging into rocks by expanding grottos and / or adding an outside wall. The Moors, an important civilizing element in Andalusia, are the ones who established this settlement in the 12th century, although the evidence of human existence in the area dates back 25,000 years ago.

The first part of the locality's name, "Setenil", although strange, finds its origin in historical reality. Or at least in the legend. The name refers to the fact that the Moor settlement resisted the Christian attackers for seven sieges. "Setenil" comes from Latin: "septem nihil", meaning "seven times nothing". Simple, right?

The second part of the name - "las Bodegas" - dates back to the fifteenth century, when the cultivation of vast areas of vineyards by the Christian inhabitants started, the ancestors of those who, four centuries ago, succeeded only after seven attempts to conquer the place.

Here you can watch a movie from Setenil de las Bodegas.


Maybe you would like to read about Monsanto, the granite village.

Blagaj, Bosnia-Hertegovina

Every time people find beautiful places, they have tried to build their homes, shelters. The beauty of landscapes has always been combined with the ease with which those places could be sheltered. That's why there are fortresses on the top of the mountains, at the base of some slopes, in valleys with a single entrance ... Nature, how wild is it, the hospitable it can become.

An example of a friendly nature open to people is Blagaj, a small town in the Mostar Basin, in Herzegovina-Neretva, right at the well of the Buna River. The scenery rich in waters, forests and massive rocks in the sun and wind rains began to be used to its full "capacity" from the mid-fifteenth century. Houses made of tree trunks or stone are built in a perfect symbiosis with the harshness of rocks and caves, but also with the delicacy of the lakes and the relaxing vitality of the flowing waters.

Still, we do not know how fascinating the places in Bosnia-Herzegovina are, the Romanian tourists prefer crowded spaces (many without personality) from Greece or Turkey. Blagaj is just a very small - but spectacular - area where nature preserves its wilderness, but it is so gentle and welcoming to those who have the wisdom of getting closer to it.

All these dream places are the result of the interaction between stone, wood and water. The sumptuousness, intimacy, the feeling of protection, the amazing spectacle of the colors, the nature's creativity, its strength and its joy are things that the natural stone conveys to them, transmitted and forwarded to them.

Every time we decorate an interior or exterior with natural stone, we must remember that every piece of stone contains in it all these beautiful things and so necessary in a world full of artificiality.

Sources: escapadarural.com, wikipedia.org, atlasobscura.com, traveldigg.com, forwardtravel.com

Discover 3 magnificent destinations for your next vacation
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