Marble, the latest trend in fashion and IT

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Marble, the latest trend in fashion and IT
There are many types of marble on the market. It comes in different patterns, colors, finishes and sizes. You can find Kavala, Volakas, Black, Sunny Dream, Nero Marquina, Light Emperador and other types of marble. The veiny ramifications visible on this type of stone can be discreet, like in the cases of the Volakas, Burdur Beige and Kavala Cross Cut marble, moderately present, like in the cases of the Cappucino, Tundra Grey or King Blue marble, and highly visible like in the cases of the Callacatta, Nero Marquina or Maron Emperador varieties. But let’s not forget that for centuries marble has been represented by the pristine white stone of Thassos. The Thassos type marble is by far the most popular of its class.
Large marble slabs can be transformed into special custom cut pieces such as bathroom and kitchen countertops, window ledges, kitchen islands or furniture pieces. Standard cut pieces are used for interior and exterior cladding or paving.

The antiqued Kavala Cross Cut marble is a perfect choice for your garden. It is both beautiful and practical. You can use it to install amazing “Japanese steps”, for instance. Marble can be used in a basically infinite range of interior and exterior projects. It is an ideal stone for both horizontal (floors, kitchen and bathroom countertops, steps, fireplaces etc.) and vertical (walls, fences, foundations etc.) cladding. Marble is also a popular material for humid environments such as bathroom, kitchens and spas.
Marble is renowned for its versatility and refinement. The diversity of products available both nationally and internationally are proof of its undying popularity. Clients have become more sophisticated and know exactly what they want. Also, a large number of online and offline publications approach the subject in their articles and discuss the many ways marble can be used for different types of projects, both residential and commercial.

Due to its beauty and popularity, marble has gone beyond being just a material for interior and exterior design. Its texture and color have been lent to other areas as well. For instance, it has taken the fashion world by storm. Famous designers use textures that imitate that of marble in their creations. In this way, some of the elegance and status of this beautiful stone are transferred onto the clothes.
In fashion design the marble trend comes and goes at regular intervals of time, yet when it comes to fabric design for bed sheets, curtains and bed spreads, marble is constantly used as a source of inspiration.
Marble is not only about elegance, refinement and sophistication. Marble communicates optimism, relaxation, pride and allows you to express your own preferences. That is why you can now find a large range of products covered in marble or marble-like texture. The stone’s prestige is projected onto decorative objects or day-to-day accessories such as notebook covers, wrapping paper, candles, plates, car wheel covers etc.  Mobile phone covers are also imitating the texture of Kavala, Volakas, Calacatta Violet or Nero Marquina marble. And it’s not just mobile phones that have joined the trend. A lot of electronic and household devices are covered with this statement texture.
Marble has been popular for interior and exterior projects for thousands of years, Modern technologies have allowed for its appearance to be transferred onto other objects such as clocks or watches, mugs, armchair covers, belts, car gears and many others. If you want more proof of marble’s unique influence and appeal, just look at these incredible surf boards.    
Marble, in all of its shapes and colors, is one of nature’s exquisite gifts for man. Have a closer look and discover its secrets. You’ll surely fall in love.

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