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Frequent questions

Frequent questions

When is the Showroom open?

You can find us at 137A Teiesani Alley, sector 1, Bucharest.
We are open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 and on Saturday from 10:00 to 15:00.

How can I contact a natural stone specialist?

As soon as you enter our showroom, our team of experts is ready to recommend you the best materials and practices, depending on your project's requirements. You also have a chat window on our website where you can ask questions which will be quickly answered by our Call Center department. You will be provided with a contact person both in the showroom and online with whom you will keep in touch from the beginning of our collaboration to the delivery of your order.

What's important when communicating with our consultant?

First of all, please provide us with as many details about the project as possible, in order to benefit from our specialists' full expertise. It is better to keep in contact with only one consultant which can fully support you during the entire collaboration – from the very beginning to the determining of the shipping details. The advantage is that he will get to know the project's details from the start so he will be able to quickly find solutions in case any issues arise.

IMPORTANT! If you limit the communication with our consultant strictly to e-mailing, the important details (about the order, materials, modifications, confirmations, shipping dates etc.) will be constantly confirmed in writing by both parts in order to be easily followed.

How do I place an order?

First of all, it is very important to make sure that you have consulted the applier before sending us the plate quantities or dimensions (when talking about special pieces) in order to make sure that they are both correct.  You may simply and quickly place an order on our website after you have created an account by adding the products you want to the shopping cart and checking the total cost. You may also place an order in our showroom where one of our consultants will take care of your request.

Furthermore, you may send us your project or a sketch through the “Your Project” section on our website, through fax or by e-mail. We will come back to you with a price estimate.

Can you cut the pieces in the dimensions I provide?

Yes! Please check the special pieces section in order to see the materials are available for special cuts. The most common requests are kitchen and bathroom countertops (they may be cut in order to embed the sink or stove), stairs, risers and sills.

The shipping term for special pieces is four weeks. The orders are picked up by the workshop in the order in which they arrive. We will notify you if we must postpone the delivery date because of a busy schedule. The orders which imply special cutting may only be picked up after we receive the client’s approval in written form, his signature or templates. On demand we can also do the measurements for your special pieces surcharge. This cost will then be deducted from the price of installation, if you choose to work with our professional teams.

Minimum order is 5 square meters. If you wish for a countertop, sill or smaller stairs, you can contact us in order to purchase a prefab product (which is usually already in stock).

We can also take orders which need to follow a template, but at a price (40% more than the usual costs). The order can take up to two weeks longer. This is due to the fact that this kind of pieces are usually more complicated (for example, a decorative piece drawn by an architect or designer). Templates must be done out of cardboard in order to withstand transport.

IMPORTANT! Once the order has been sent to the workshop, it cannot be modified. Therefore, it is recommended to make sure that the team which does the measurements is also doing the installation.

How do I pay an order?

Online, through the shopping basket on the website. You will receive an e-mail containing the invoice which may be paid with a money order. In the case of our Showroom, you can pay cash or by card (advance or full). In the moment in which we have received the order confirmation (usually it takes 24 hours), we can discuss shipping details. For the moment, you cannot pay online by card.

IMPORTANT! Invoices for the products found in stock must be paid in full, before delivery. Custom products with shipping term must be paid for 40% of the invoice total in the moment of placing the order, while the rest of 60% must be paid when we notice you that your product is ready.

How do I find out the delivery dates?

We deliver the products found in stock after 1-3 from the moment of the payment confirmation. In the case of product which are not in stock or special pieces, the shipping dates vary. Once we have agreed upon a shipping date, we take care of everything required in order to deliver on time. In the case of exceptional situations which may arise (political crises which affect international transport, issues from the part of the couriers which we cannot prevent, extreme weather conditions, difficult access to the address etc.) we will immediately inform you with the possible delays.

IMPORTANT! If you wish to find out the status of an order, it is best to contact the consultant with which you have worked. You can also find out this information from the logistics departments, but only after you have been noticed that the order has been dispatched. One efficient method is to e-mail us the number of your invoice so that our representative can easily find it in our system.

How does the shipping happen?

The cost of transport with a courier is usually paid for on delivery. If you wish, you can also pay in advance as part of your order. We can only ship by courier products like: zen fountains or sealants. The rest of our products require special transport since the materials are very heavy.
Unloading the products is your responsibility.

What happens if I wish to cancel an order?

If we’re talking about a product found in stock, the process is quite simple (the money will be refunded through bank transfer). If we’re talking about special pieces, once the order has been placed it cannot be modified or canceled. The same goes for an express order (a certain type of material etc.). It cannot be canceled.

What happens if I received a wrong order?

First you must now that some materials are kept outside and therefore may have present traces of dust, may be wet (from rain) or may have traces of snow, all which do not harm the quality of the slabs.
Other times, there may be differences in terms of color between the samples and the following order.
This is due to the fact that stone is a natural product and small color variations are often found from one batch to the other – this is absolutely normal.

If you find something wrong with the slabs when you receive them, please take a photo of the issue and send it to us along with your order information (invoice number, name etc.) at office@piatraonline.ro, after you have contacted our consultant. In this moment, you may decline the order (case in which transport back to the warehouse is our responsibility) or if you accent the delivery and change your mind later, the cost of transport is your responsibility. We do our best to analyze each possible problem in the shortest time possible in order to answer just as fast. For this type of notice you can also find us at conciliere@piatraonline.ro.

What’s our return policy?

The buyer can decline the shipped materials in the case in which they do not comply with the technical data specified in the order. In this case, we take full responsibility for bringing back the right materials.
The Buyer has the right to notify in written form the fact that he gives up buying, without penalties or invoking a reason, in 14 working days from receiving the product. This is only possible for individual buyers and only for those products purchased online.

The date of receiving your order is considered to be the one in which they have been handed over by the courier. This date can be verified through the shipping documents handed over by the courier. The returned product must find itself in the same condition in which it was delivered (original packaging with all the accessories and documents). The Buyer must therefore support the additional costs required for shipping back the product.

A product can be returned in terms of 14 days since receiving them. The date of return is considered to be the day in which the order has been received back in our warehouse. The refunds must happen in terms of 14 days from receiving back the products in the bank account mentioned by the Buyer in the Return Form.

Depending on the shipping method chosen by the Buyer, the refund will be equal to the cost of the order minus the shipping costs.

You cannot return orders which:
-have been in your possession for more than 14 days;
-are part of the special pieces category;
-are according to the technical specifications mentioned in the order;
-have been the object of a special order;
-have been the object of a Stock Clearance, case in which the Buyer has benefit from a price discount;
-have been purchased in the showroom and even though they presented some issues, the Buyer accepted them and benefited from a price discount;
-have been customized to a Buyer’s requirements;
-present traces of impact or damage;
-present visible traces of wear;

All products must be returned in their original packaging with all the accessories and labels (without traces of use, wear, impact). The products are not damaged, used and do not present traces of adhesive or other such substances. They must be returned in the same packaging unit (roll, box, sack etc.) and must come along with all the accessories with which they have been delivered as well as with the fiscal bill, acquisition receipt and documents (technical sheet, manuals, warranties and so on).

Failure to comply with these conditions as well as making the product unable to be furtherly sold by any means will lead to a refusal of the return.

The returns must be done entirely. We do not accept partial returns from a bigger order found on the fiscal bill. You will benefit from a full refund only if the products are found in the proper condition. Damaged products cannot be returned and their cost cannot be refunded.

For how long can you keep my order in the warehouse after the payment confirmation?

Once you have paid your order, we cannot keep the products in the warehouse for more than 7-10 days. Special pieces can only be stored for a maximum of 5 days.

Details about the installation services:

Natural stone must be installed by experienced individuals. Therefore, we put to your disposal our own professional installing teams which will make sure that your project will be properly installed. This service is surcharge.

If you require a team, please contact the right department and make an appointment.

IMPORTANT! It is recommended that, when organizing your project’s deadlines, you also take into account that teams must be appointed after the delivery date of your order as well as with a small margin of error.

What country is my product shipped from?

We import natural stone from all around the world, from Asia to South America. Therefore, you must ask a consultant for this specific information. What is important is the quality of the stone, not its provenience.

How is natural stone cut?

Natural stone can be cut using the angle grinder (flex) equipped with diamond or carbide canvas. It can also be cut with a waterjet stone cutting machine.

Can I replace a product with another?

No. You must follow the return policy (check above) and then place a new order.

Do the products have warranty?

Yes. 2 year warranty according to the current law.

Can you cut pieces to my custom dimensions?

Yes. We invite you to check the special pieces section in order to see which material are available for special cuts. Most common custom pieces are stairs, risers, sills and countertops. We also have standard countertops which can be ordered right away. Cutouts for sinks or ovens can be quickly done. Special pieces can only be ordered in written form or with a signature or a written e-mail confirmation. We will provide you with a standard form to fill out.

Can I order one cubic meter?

No. Order depends on the products: square meter, linear meter, piece, sack etc.

Do natural stone slabs borrow from the room’s temperature?

Yes, always.

What kind of battery do sinks require?

Be it a wall or standing sink, it must exceed the height of the sink with 2 cm.

How do zen fountains work?

They work with a closed water circuit, with the help of the electric powered pump. Just fill and sometimes refill the fountain with water (we recommend using demineralized water), at a tension of 220 V.

What is the proper way to install natural stone?

Please check the “How to install?” section.

Underfloor heating

In the case of underfloor heating systems, natural stone can have any thickness, but it is recommended to be no thicker than 2 cm. In this way, the heat transfer will be done sooner. It is recommended to install the natural stone with elastic adhesives: Weber Marmo.Plus (1 sack = 3.5 sqm).

Is natural stone non-skid?

During winter the stone can be slightly covered with sand, NOT with salt, which may do irreversible damage to the stone. It is also recommended to clean the natural stone more often, as sand may affect it through abrasion in time.

Can I use an electric defroster?

Yes, but only if the stone has been installed with a  flexible adhesive (Weber Marmo.Plus).

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