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Stock and orders: The products available in our deposit are marked on the website using the words “In stock”. In case the product is not currently found in stock, it will be marked using the word “Preorder” and will be brought back in stock in the shortest time. It is recommended to contact a sales consultant (Call Center – 021.9907) to confirm the correct date for receiving the product. If you choose to preorder you need to pay an 40% advance of the order’s total. The rest of the amount must be payed when the product arrives. The order will be delivered only after the full equivalent is registered into our company’s account.

Important! In the case of preordering we may supply different dimensions, thicknesses and even materials, depending on the required amount. For further details you may contact a Sales Department consultant.

Advice! Over 90% of the products displayed on our website are in stock, having over 150.000 square meters stored in our deposits. Even so, exceptional circumstances may arise for certain products and it is possible to not find the desired item in stock, as they tend to rapidly go away.
If you want to make sure that your product stays in stock, in order to reserve your order you may pay an advance or pay by card.

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