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Marble Institute of America

Marble Institute of America LOGO


PIATRAONLINE is the only Romanian member of the Marble Institute of America, since 2015. This membership comes with a support from a famous worldwide organization, having a code of ethics embraced by us from the first moment. Marble Institute of America certification is considered as a worldwide recognition of the value and loyalty in quarrying and marketing natural stone.
As a member of Marble Institute of America, PIATRAONLINE is constantly complying with the code of ethics of this international organization. As a result:
1. We continue to develop businesses based on principles of honesty, integrity, quality and expertise.
2. We are totally complying with standards of health, safety and quality for our products and services.
3. We deliver respect and responsibility for our clients, staff, subcontractors and suppliers.
4. We inspire the development and discovery of new materials, techniques, tools and equipment; at the same time, we stimulate and support the improvement of manufacturing methods and installation of natural stone.
5. We make sure that both our customers and staff are informed of our products and procedures for installation and aftercare of natural stone.
6. We are promoting cooperation within natural stone industry and business community in Romania and worldwide.
PIATRAONLINE and Marble Institute of America will continue to work together for promoting natural stone as a sustainable solution for customers, developers, architects and designers, because we are convinced of the utility, durability and special beauty of this natural product.
Marble Institute of America certification represents an honor and responsibility for us. We are certain that we can carry on the team spirit and ethics that became inspirational for this famous worldwide organization in the natural stone industry.

ICERTIAS Switzerland


International Certification Association GmbH (ICERTIAS) is an international organization, based in Zurich and operating in more than 40 countries, on 4 different continents. The organization supports and promotes worldwide the product quality and services delivered by companies to customers.
PIATRAONLINE is a registered trademark of ROCK STAR CONSTRUCT SRL, and beneficiary of “Customer’s Friend” certificate in 2017. This certification is a confirmation of complying and application of the highest international standards in customer service. Conditions for being ICERTIAS certified are based on clear and transparent information available without discrimination. All our customers are equal, with no discrimination regardless of sex, sexual orientation, race, nation or religion.
ICERTIAS also pays attention to how services and procedures delivered by companies have a positive impact on life’s quality and health of our customers. This is a constant concern for us, because we are fully aware of the importance of environmental protection while quarrying and also the processes that include waste resulted from trading natural stone products.
International Certification Association Switzerland is worldwide famous for the certificates Best Buy Award (bestbuyaward.org), QUDAL – Quality medal (qudal.com) and ICERTIAS Customer’s Friend (customersfriend.org). The activity of this organization received positive reviews from large media groups such as Bloomberg, CBS, NBC, Fox, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo News, mainly focused on the result of marketing studies delivered by ICERTIAS.
Some of the most famous global companies have ICERTIAS certification: Procter and Gamble, Unilever, HP, T-Mobile, Danone, Bonduelle, Bosch, Unicredit, Intesa, Nestlé, Dr. Oetker, Heidelberg Cement, Holcim, Henkel, Vaillant, Billa, Aldi, Lidl etc.

Romanian Furniture Club Association


Romanian Furniture Club Association (Asociatia Clubul Roman de Mobila - A.C.R.M.) was established for promoting Romania’s furniture manufacturing, by creating effective communication between internal and external partners, while training the industry staff. Since 2017, PIATRAONLINE joined the 42 companies - members at that moment. The target was attaining a maximum unity of main players in this field and an integrated approach of customers - suppliers relations, so that products “Made in Romania” are competitive, both domestic and global.
Within the Romanian Furniture Club Association, PIATRAONLINE raised the standards thanks to its Marble Institute of America certifications and the extended competence within natural stone industry: furniture cladding, decoration, incrustation etc.


Association of Construction Companies

Construction Employers Association is member of the European Union of Construction Promoters and affiliated to General Union of Industries from Romania. This organization protects the interests of contractors within social dialogue committees from the ministries involved in construction. The main objectives of Association of Construction Companies are: external promotion; support for strategic investments; attracting foreign investors; social dialogue for avoiding any conflict in this environment.
In this context, the partnership of ROCK STAR CONSTRUCT, owner of PIATRAONLINE trademark, since 2017, with the values of Association of Construction Companies came natural, thanks to the importance of construction sector for us and the role played within government structures, by active participation, negotiation and development of safer or a more flourishing society.


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (C.C.I.R.)


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania is one of the most important professional organizations in Romanian in the last 150 years. A supporter of the free market economy, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania is an active contributor for developing the business environment in Romania. Rock Star Construct, owner of PIATRAONLINE trademark is member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania since 2017, complying with the purposes of this organization: reconstruction and development of market economy in Romania, promoting of professional education, establishing the basis for a modern Expo area (Romexpo SA) and also development of economical relationships, on both European and global level.

Quality management – ISO 9001


Quality of commerce was always a main focus for Rock Star Construct. ISO 9001 standard represents a proof of complying with a rule recognized worldwide, associated with the quality of provided services and also the management of our organization. The analysis of management processes and relationships within company, the procedures associated with each system, checking and formatting of documents etc. – all these and many others are proofs that our performances is based on a well-defined management, audited by accredited institution.



PIATRAONLINE is partner with houzz.com, one of the most complex online platforms dedicated to interior and exterior decoration projects, developed mostly in the United States. The area of interior and exterior decoration project in the United States is one of the most developed and creative and the fact that we are part of this complex online platforms is an honor for us and a proof for the trust placed by the international partners in our expertise since 2007.

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