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Types of natural stone

Types of natural stone

Is a sedimentary rock mostly composed of calcite minerals. In some cases the calcium carbonate can be directly taken out from sea water but most often it is formed out of the shells of sea creatures. These shells can be used as a whole or broken into small particles.

Is a metamorphic rock. The temperatures and pressures required in order for the marble to form usually destroy any fossils or sedimentary textures that can be found in the original stone. Marble is a very dense rock perfectly suited for a glossy finishing.

Is also a metamorphic rock but which formed and hardened at high temperatures under the pressure of the Earth's crust, turning into a durable and resistant surface. Although ardezie is usually found in darker shades, it actually has a wide variety of colors. Its color depends a lot on the place from where it was extracted. It also depends on the chemical composition of the ground where the rock intially formed. You can find ardezie in the following colors: red, cream, ocher, green, grey and black. It usually has a very soft grit but this also depends on the place from where it was extracted, having different textures and models even in the same granulation. Do not forget that this is a natural rock and variations at its surface are common to appear even if extracted from the same quarry. No ardezie material is identical. For this reason, you can bring an unique and pleasant aspect to your house. Ardezie cannot be stained and does not absorb water. Even so, it is recommened to waterproof it after application.

Is a natural material from the limestone family. It is formed out of calcium carbonate and it is usually found in the form of sediments near thermal springs. It can be used for both interior and exterior designs as well as for cladding facades, inside walls, floors or for paving yards or alleys in the park or in the garden. Travertine is a very porous natural stone but weak in the face of acid and citric substances as well as when cleaned. It is recommended to waterproof travertine's surface in order to protect it for possible stains.

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