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A careful selection of materials is essential in constructions or decoration projects, since it determines the final appearance. From all the available options, we are going to focus on one material and this is natural stone. Natural stone is one of the oldest materials used in construction – an element created by nature with amazing colors and textures and a perfect match for any design style.


In spite of a relatively high cost compared to other building materials, such as brick – apparent or natural stone – stone houses have long-term benefits. Natural stone transmits strength and safety, elegance and a classic / rustic / modern style. Besides its unique appearance, splitface cladding is a durable and highly resistant material against many external factors, including temperature variations. Also, external natural stone cladding will improve the thermal performance of the house.


Considering all these natural stone features, its versatility and the wide range of splitface cladding for the external walls of your home, you will realize a material created by nature is what a house needs for a personal touch and a successful project with extended lifetime. PIATRAONLINE product range includes everything you need for your project – from inspiration, materials and treatment, up to classic travertine, exotic slate, elegant marble and quart panels.


1. Marble Catania Cream – an extravaganza touch and comfort of the Mediterranean style


2. Latte Splitface Travertine – with exceptional color, endurance, low weight and calibration. This material represents the perfect shape that conveys the natural beauty of the stone.


3. Sunny Dream Splitface Marble – conveys a Mediterranean and rustic ambience into the space that used it for cladding.


4. Kavala Slate 5 cm x FL – a pleasant look and a subtle elegance to match any design.


5. Homa Slate 10 cm x FL – beauty of raw material, texture and natural color are the main benefits of this natural stone.


6. Rhodos Slate 5 cm x FL – a special look conveyed by mica, included extensively in the composition of this material.



7. Sikis Mix Slate 7 cm x FL – a texture that defines the natural stone beauty with shades to match any design style in the exterior of your home.


8. Splitface Cappuccino Marble – impressive by its soft color, but also the conveyed durability.


9. Quartzite Panel Lemon – amazing with an eclectic color variation and a sophisticated finish, trnsmitts an extra touch of chromatic comfort and style.



10. Silver Splitface Travertine – combines abundant natural details, simply amazing in a modern project wih a stylish look, as a result of combining grey and cream tones.



In case you decided to use natural stone for exterior walls, you should make sure that tiles are waterproofed, because this project is a long-term investment, therefore you should enjoy it as much as possible. Waterproofing prevents water penetration into the stone structure and has an excellent beheviour, when subjected to corrosive factors. The stone tile is unique: with its veins or the special features, will use color for decoration: tinted greys, beige, cream, gold or black with touches of green. Last but not least, the features of each type of stone bring new benefits to your project, associated with extended durability, excellent behavior in freeze-thaw cycles or moisture resistance. A wide range of finishes will generate interesting games over the texture, bringing material closer to your desired style. External walls can be cladded with the same material as the one used for the fences, the terrace flooring or the walkways in the courtyard or garden. Depending on application and your preferred variation, you can choose the same type of material, yet different finishes, for avoiding the cluttering of the space with two, three, or more types of natural stone.


For further details on choosing the natural stone best suited to your project give us a call at +40318.222.333, or send us an email at export@piatraonline.com!



10 Beautiful Ideas for External Splitface Cladding
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