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3 Clever interior design tips for your living room

publicat in: Living room // Publicata pe 19.02.2018

Details of a house reveal everything about the personal preference of the owner and this is not a secret anymore. Starting with the materials we use, the applied finishes and especially the decorations, everything says something about our personality. This is important for two reasons: spending time in a place to find ourselves results in a more peaceful feelings and besides we are able to communicate on a subtle level – guests will form an opinion as soon as stepping on the threshold.



Living room is, above all, a relaxation room. All the elements of the setting communicate with each other, conveying your personal touch into an essential area for you. You can add extra meaning by using natural stone for your living room decoration project. You can find many uses for this material because it is versatile and looks good – you just need to allow your imagination run wild and free.

  1. Natural Stone as a finish

Natural stone conveys particular meaning to the interiors. If you want to have a creative area in your living room, natural stone allows you to do it in a creative way. For example, with moulding you will be able to shape frames for your windows or door frames. You can highlight your mirror with a mirror frame, thus creating an extending image of your space. Moulding are usually for isolating two types of different materials, so you can use them for separating an area with natural stone from other types of finishes.



Sure, when it comes to decoration projects, the most common use of natural stone is wall cladding with stone tiles. You can also use natural stone tiles for cladding interior stairs, supporting pillars or even furniture, thus rendering a masculine and creative accent into your living room.

  1. Your natural stone Flooring

In spite of the fact that natural stone is regarded as a cold material, it has an excellent thermal efficiency, which is ideal for your living room. You can use natural stone for flooring and you should know that tiles will fit perfectly if you decide for underfloor heating. There are large tile size available, thus opening a lot the room space. Besides, stone will maintain the heat longer compared to other materials.



Stones used for flooring are usually marble, travertine, granite, limestone, slate, onyx. You can choose from a lot of shapes and finishes the ones that match your room.

  1. Interior decorations of natural stone

Natural stone has a very strong visual impact. It creates a balance image between the interior design and nature, which can be also replicated in your home with decorative pieces of natural stone. For example, you can have a marble coffee table, decorative glass for your plants, or even decorative sand for creating different shapes. A wine bottle holder could definitely become the main point of attraction, thus transforming your living room in a special chamber.


The chromatic combination created with many types of stone is able to bring visual touches of warm and opening. Natural stone fireplaces, for example, are very elegant items, totally transforming the entire living room. These can also be replicated in an apartment, as decorative items.



The use of natural stone in your living room has many benefits: thermal efficiency, visual impact, modern design and creative ambience. When you set up your living room, don't just restrict to designs you've seen so far, only dare to allow your imagination create and venture into new ways of using natural stone items, even tiles.


You can customize your relaxation area as you like it, with natural stone conveying that relaxing, warm breeze, in harmony with nature. As a result, you and your family, together with some guests will feel comfortable and intimate, in a space that promotes communication and shared feelings.

3 Clever interior design tips for your living room
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