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4 Amazing Countertops for your Restaurant: Journey of Stone into Culinary Universe

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They say that first we eat our food with the eyes, then we use our taste buds to sample it and finally we decide if a food is good or not. Besides a specific taste or flavor, which have their importance, a rather important details which complements customer's experience in a restaurant is actually the space. Believe it or not, every detail of design in a restaurant was carefully imagined for creating a personal connection with the customer, as an experience in that particular space. A restaurant includes many factors that need to be considered for a genuine culinary and emotional experience for its visitors. And exactly before entering a restaurant and having a chance to notice all those details, the exterior represents the business card of a restaurant.


Throughout our journey in the most beautiful places, we noticed that authentic flavors and tastes are perfectly matched by natural materials used for design – natural stone, wood, plants. Otherwise, nothing couldn't have been possible. Natural materials, as unique creations of nature, are responsible for bringing natural beauty to those places, the positive energy and the tranquility of an unforgettable experience. Of course, food is also an important detail, but would you risk of having dinner in an unfriendly space, that invites you to leave as fast as you can?


Of course, a perfect setting requires many elements and very much preparation. However, today, we would like to highlight the countertops in a restaurant – as the main points of interest for customers and also the cosiest area for assisting chefs with preparation of their best dishes. Why is it so important the selection of a countertop, how to choose it, what material to use, these are just some of the key questions you should ask yourself when you start configuring a restaurant, bistro or even a café. A countertop should meet your financial and design requirements, but should also satisfy the customer’s need for a unique experience.


For such a public project, countertops should be amazing, both in terms of visual and also features – durability, hardness, easy to clean and maintain. Of course, you will definitely not want a short time investment, rather a lifetime investment if it is possible. Depending on the style you prefer for a Horeca space, natural stone has a wide range of models to match your preferences. Why natural stone countertops? Because, apart from being the only natural material that meets your requirements, it will also comply with customer’s preferences. It is a hard and durable material, requires minimum aftercare and has an interior genuine beauty.


1. Marble countertops for restaurants


A material of absolute beauty, a marble countertop could be the main feature of your Horeca space – restaurant, bistro or café. Every vein on its surface conveys extreme elegance, associated with a positive attitude and a state of well-being that will highlight both your space and your menu. If you want a minimalist, vintage space with wooden elements and floral patterns, the white marble countertops from Volakas or Calacatta will be the missing elements and the perfect match for your ambience. Surely, white marble will brighten the space, conveying an elegance that creates a pleasant experience for your clients. You can use countertops for restaurant tables – you can get in touch with PIATRAONLINE for special cut-to-size projects – or for bar and kitchen worktop. The standard size 250 x 65 x 3 cm countertops have a huge benefit, which is time, besides their premium quality. Being standard size, all you need to do is choosing your material and we will deliver to you, hence less time spent and more energy available for you to use in other areas of your project. Of course, for restaurants with character, we recommend a stylish Nero Marquina marble countertop. Marble usually highlights a decoration project and due to its long-term durability, you have no replacement costs. Marble is easy to clean and the most practical of all surfaces actually. A perfectly waterproofed marble, requires minimum aftercare and you can enjoy it a lifetime.


2. Slate countertops: exotic and elegant


If you prefer an exotic element for your restaurant, slate should be ideal. Slate countertops are underlined by a special and amazing design, durability and non-porous surface, which makes them easy to clean and require less aftercare compared to travertine or marble. A versatile product that can be used in kitchens, bars and even bathrooms. With its non-porous surface, slate will not develop bacteria, will not absorb liquids, hence surface will not stain. Slate is a very durable natural stone, it does not scratch and withstands heat fine – therefore it is ideal for a kitchen’s restaurant.  Silver slate with polished finish matches any design style and is an instant eye catcher.


3. Travertine countertops for areas with Mediterranean accents


In spite of the fact that everything indicates Mediterranean, travertine is a natural stone with a wide color variation and textures – its surface is underlined by small veins and imperfect holes that make this material perfect as it is. The travertine countertops reflect the light, hence the kitchen or bar will seem much brighter, as the warm touch from your space. Travertine countertops are ideal especially if restaurant has a Mediterranean inspired theme. In terms of budget, travertine is more affordable compared to marble or slate. Hard, durable, easy to clean and with a pleasant surface – travertine countertops will beautifully decorate your restaurant.


4. Durable Granite countertops for the kitchen


The granite is definitely the most durable natural stone. The standards for classifying granite are: size (3 cm thickness for every countertop), density, compression strength, bending stress (here not so important, because of its 3 cm thickness), porosity, associated with water absorption and color. Although granite is not highlighted by an amazing color variation, PIATRAONLINE product range includes 3 unique models of granite – Extra Blue Granite, Black Galaxy and Fantastico Gold – which will definitely highlight your space.


Interesting facts...

  • Granite countertops be used as kitchen range for baking bread or pizza
  • Marble countertops can be used as tray for prime pastry products
  • Slate countertops are used for serving fish dishes

Regardless of what you will use in your restaurant, bistro or any other Horeca space, keep in mind that natural material, an element of the universe, will consistently improve the customer's journey among flavors and tastes. Every day seem to reveal the fact that our passion for natural stone is contagious and we begin to notice it throughout Bucharest. Such places reveal the importance of using natural stone or other natural materials and the way these are able to transform the ambience of an area. You will definitely find something in our product range for your decoration project, assisting you in obtaining that unforgettable experience you wish to deliver for every costumer. Just as we want to give you the experience of discovering natural stone and its universe, so that it will reveal its beauty and you could use it in your decoration project. Natural stone countertop is only one of the elements able to transform the concept and ambience. In a space where people come to relax, you will be able to offer them a journey into themselves and their true nature.

4 Amazing Countertops for your Restaurant: Journey of Stone into Culinary Universe
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