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5 Decoration projects with splitface cladding | Exterior to interior and rustic to modern

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When building a house or decorating a flat you should take into account some essential details that involve the idea of "home", such as – comfort, warmth, privacy, relaxation, family and personal retreat. These are only answers to our basic needs and essential conditions for our living space. Selection of materials is one of the most important decisions you need to consider, since this will influence the look of your home and its capacity to convey warmth and comfort. Of the available variants we focused on one especially, natural stone – the only material capable of bringing warmth, comfort, personal retreat, proximity to nature and a relaxing ambience with your family.


Natural stone is one of the earliest buiding materials – an element created by nature with amazing colors and textures, capable of being integrated into any design style. Despite a relatively high cost compared to other building materials for the exterior, such as artificial natural stone – composite or decorative brick, houses made of stone have long-term advantages. Natural stone transmits strength and safety, elegance and style, whether we refer to classic, rustic or modern one. Besides its unique appearance, splitface cladding is a durable and highly resistant material when subjected to many external factors, including temperature changes. Also, exterior cladding with natural stone will improve the thermal performance your house.


Splitface cladding decoration projects have an advantage, coming from the versatility of stone, which makes it suitable for any design style approached. With splitface cladding you are able to decorate fences, home bases or houses facades, but also rustic and modern interiors – kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, halways, offices and fireplaces. You can have full cladding or only decorative framing, taking into account the necessary thickness and stone finish. Since being a natural and versatile material, splitface cladding has a wide range of colors and textures, with finishes to match its functionality. Splitface cladding includes different size panels, underlining the raw and natural beauty, from travertine, marble, slate, sandstone and limestone.


If you choose natural stone for the exterior walls of your home, make sure tiles are sealed, because this project is a long term investment and you will want to enjoy as much as possible. This waterproofing process will prevent water penetration, making it durable against corrosive factors. For this stage we recommend applying 2-3 coats of LTP Mattstone H20 – a water based solution designed for natural stone. For installation heights up to 3 m, slate can be directly cladded over the thermo system or brick. For installation heights above 3 m, it is mandatory to use post rabitz and dowels for binding the thermo system. For installation project with drywalls, it is mandatory to use post rabitz.


Decoration projects with splitface cladding is the ideal solution for a special, long-lasting project that shapes the comfort of “home”. For highlighting natural stone’s beauty with examples of projects, we have prepared 5 ideas of decoration – interior and exterior, highlighting the splitface cladding.


1. Homa Slate Strips – Splitface cladding facades


Very popular for interiors, this cladding creates a unique design, offering unlimited creative options. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor, public and residential decoration projects.



2. Silver Splitface Travertine 5 cm x FL x 2.2 cm – Interior claddings


Cladding projects with natural stone totally transforms the ambience, based on stone’s dominant color. For example, Silver Splitface Travertine displays a constant color variation even on extended surfaces. Its versatility allows to be used for both interior and exterior areas, such as bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, hallway and office spaces.



3. Kavala Riven Slate 5 cm x FL – home base


Kavala slate is a natural stone with pleasant look and a subtle elegance, a perfect fit for any design approached. This type of material is used only for cladding, both exterior and interior. Its free length offers you the necessary freedom for extra creativity in your projects. Having 5 cm width, variable lengths, 0.5-1.5 cm thickness and grey-crystal shade, Kavala slate is a material that can be associated with other colors and natural materials.



4. Bronze Quartzite Wall Cladding Panel 15 x 60 cm – Interior claddings


Splitface cladding panels bring a sophisticated note with metallic shining texture and were designed for modern spaces, as a perfect match for a great lighting system, underlining the soft glows of stone.



5. Silver Splitface Travertine 7.5 cm x FL x 2.2 cm – facade, fence and home base


Silver travertine combines abundant natural details, being amazing in a modern project due to its sophisticated look, resulted from combining gray and cream tones. Travertine Silver is recommended for both exterior and interior cladding in areas such as hallways, bathrooms and kitchens, although many prefer it for the protective panels behind countertops in bathrooms, thanks to its classical beauty and particular durability.


5 Decoration projects with splitface cladding | Exterior to interior and rustic to modern
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