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5 Examples of decorations for kitchen apartments

publicat in: Kitchen // Publicata pe 05.12.2017

When decorating kitchen apartments, the spotlight is optimizing the small space to the maximum. This is the reality: most Romanian apartments are small. Having such context, the most important “law” says to never combine more than 3 colors. Ideal would be a decoration project with 2 colors, but we can discuss later when you are allowed to break this rule.

Because space is small, projects including more colors will generate a “chaos” of sensations, a discomfort that cannot be perceived from the first time, yet it is there. However, in a kitchen you should find a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Photo 1

This kitchen has slate tiles in the background.The cream-brown colors of the slate are not so suitable for the project, yet the white color relaxes the whole tension. The white countertop combined with white wall cabinet creates a perfect chromatic contrast. The white and yellow from the cabinet’s door creates a balanced combination, having the color of below cabinets similar to slate’s shades.

As a conclusion: for apartment kitchen decorations, you can use any natural stone for cladding, regardless of color. As an aside with a very important detail: for backsplashes we do not recommend splitface finish or variable length stripes. The uneven surfaces, like the already mentioned two, require more maintenance around the gas stove or the food preparation area.

                          Photo 2                                                                              Photo 3

If the slate was used for wall cladding into this decoration project, a more distinct contrast is promoted, with the above photo and the Classic Travertine setting the “pace”. The pace of Classic Travertine was always slow, warm and solar. For decorating this apartment kitchen, flooring is matched with the backsplash, for setting the main force line with the cream color. Obviously, the white is imagined as a natural extension, in harmony with the cream.

The furniture, with pale mauve color, represent the other chromatic force line for this apartment kitchen decoration project. Most people probably considered that mauve cannot be associated with cream, yet we find out that this combination is very interesting and fully working from an aesthetic point of view.

Similar with other things, it is all a matter of nuance. And, as long as the shades are soft and pastel, there is a very good chance for them to vibrate together and that’s exactly what’s happening in here.

Also to be noted in here is the fact that Classic Travertine flooring is extended all the way to the hallway, converging with the cladding, also from Classic Travertine Mosaic. The mosaic plays a double part: chromatic accent in the hallway and coherence, connection with the kitchen area.

Photo 4

Oriental Terrazzo tiles were always a solution with certain popularity from the aesthetic point of view in kitchen decoration projects from small apartments. Related to this, the area from photo number 4 is a very suggestive example. The kitchen working area (countertop) is mainly white, yet the show is provided by oriental Terrazzo tiles.

With Oriental Terrazzo you have the same color depth, so these are not color at the surface, just like the ceramic tiles. Oriental Terrazzo is installed just like any other natural tile, with the same adhesive and sealing solution as the ones used for natural stone. Using terrazzo tiles, you will have a bright colored kitchen, without overstating.

As you can also see from this decoration project, the area cladded with terrazzo has to be small and for what’s left from the space, only one color is recommended. When it is not backsplash (as in the photo), terrazzo tiles can also decorate a wall, yet never two walls.

The colors from terrazzo tiles need to represent an area that could make an easy difference. And, if it happens to cover almost half of space with those, the “accent” part, that can make the difference, will disappear. Keep in mind that, for apartment kitchens decoration projects also, it is all about proportion and balance.

Photo 5

Rarely, apartment kitchen decoration projects manage to have an achievement like the one in the above picture. You start from the right with a dark color (the furniture) and you reach, with the soft color travertine from the flooring, to the white color of the walls from the left. Regardless of your position, your subconscious will perceive a smooth and relaxing chromatic flow. Travertine creates both the connection between the brown furniture and the white wall, but is also similar with the countertop and the backsplash color.

Keep in mind that decorating apartment kitchens with natural stone means, besides the look, harmony, relaxation, color variation, also durability and far better resistance, compared to ceramic tiles.

For further details on natural stone decoration projects for the small apartments areas, kitchen included, please get in touch with us by phone: +40318.222.333, by email: export@piatraonline.com or better visit our showroom from 137A Aleea Teisani, District 1, Bucharest.

5 Examples of decorations for kitchen apartments
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