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Natural stone is one of world’s most sustainable materials, due to its very efficient consumption of energy resources (electricity, fossil fuels) and water. Moreover, natural stone is a recyclable material, thus minimizing the impact of goods resulting from its processing on people's health and environment. “Green building” classifies the process of designing and execution of a building with focus on environmental protection and requires careful planning and awareness of the return on invested time and resources. Why? Because the natural stone used in the interior and exterior decoration projects indicates responsibility towards environmental protection, restoration and improvment. Here are the main reasons why natural stone is sustainable and deserves to be used as often as possible.

1. Stone is a natural material

Natural stone was designed by nature. There is no need for any other material to produce natural stone. There are currently huge deposits of natural stones worldwide and a wide variety of veins, textures, colors and shapes, which can find many uses, with the latest technology. Natural stone does not contain harmful chemicals, therefore will not endanger life, an essential issue of the sustainable projects. Due to the many functional quarries, you have small distances for transport between quarries and retail stores, thus reducing the environmental impact, with a reduced discharge of exhaust gases. Romania has plenty functional quarries and most of our imports come the neighbours: Bulgaria, Greece etc.

2. Natural stone is durable

Natural stone has passed successfully the test of time, so you will have a material with an extended lifetime. Slate, limestone, travertine or granite maintain their initial beauty and grace with proper aftercare and regular waterproofing – some quite simple, but essential procedures. Natural stone behaves fine in heavy traffic indoor conditions (bathrooms, kitchens) and exteriors (gardens, terraces). With a life span between 50 and 100 years, the natural stone has virtually no competition when it comes to durability. Sustainability is also defined by minimum resources involved in the process of production and that alone makes it a champion of sustainability. From the start, you would be tempted to assume that natural stone is an expensise material, but ...When you compare its aftercare costs with those from other materials with similar functions, you will realize that natural stone is more affordable. And besides natural stone is prettier and more versatile!

3. Natural stone requires minimum aftercare

If properly maintained, the natural stone will last and could be enjoyed for many years to come, with such an elegant and pleasant appearance. There are many types of finishes and treatments during the manufacturing process that will result in a natural stone with an increased lifespan, durability against weather conditions and heavy traffic. Most natural stones can be simply wiped with soap and water and you can also use affordable professional solutions for cleaning. Even these professional cleaning solutions are eco-friendly, no harmful chemicals included.

4. Natural Stone is recyclable

The natural stone is fully recyclable with many uses: building material – since the early dawn of civilization, decorative object with various purposes, raw material for different industries or as essential element in the interior and exterior decoration projects. Recycling and restoration of natural stone provides a clean natural environment and saves electricity, water and fossil fuels. There are more ways to recycle natural stone. For example, an old house built of natural stone and awaiting demolition can become the future material for pedestrian alleys, terraces, fences (gabions, if you want), facades of buildings and exterior fountains. Natural stones from the old house can be successfully used for interior projects, such as wall cladding, supporting pillars, furniture objects and even flooring after suitable processing. It is not difficult to imagine the ambience conveyed into such area with natural stone from the structure / decoration of an old house, due to natural stones with an organic patina of time...

5. Natural stone is exploited and processed on sustainable principles

The technology in natural stone industry developed considerably lately, wuth new methods for exploitation, extraction and processing. The discovery and implementation of these new technologies resulted in more available finishes. By default, the new processing techniques have diminished the costs of production, creating a more popular product. Besides, and this comes naturally, the new operating and processing machines will decrease pollution and protect natural resources, while reducing losses, expected from materials which require high accuracy and skill.

Protecting the Earth’s ecosystem

Natural stone is available in Romania in a wide range of shapes, colours and prices. So, no matter your preferences, you will surely find the stone best suited to your project. Discuss with experts in natural stone! When you will finish reading this article, you might find sustainability not so important for choosing your natural stone. But, this could not be more wrong! Because, besides the wide range of finishes and models, it is precisely the observance of these sustainability principles that allows a discounted price for natural stone. Its amazing look, associated with a versatility to match and the excellent durability are all essential due to the efforts of people involved in this industry to value Nature and preserve its resources. Using natural stone for decoration projects helps, directly and undisputedly, to protect the Earth’s ecosystem.

For further details on choosing the natural stone best suited to your project give us a call at +40318.222.333, or send us an email at export@piatraonline.com!

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