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5 Stone wall amazing ideas for your living room

publicat in: Living room // Publicata pe 27.05.2016

Natural stone is a premium quality material generating comfort and intimacy, but also refined taste. Marble, travertine or slate are but a few examples of natural materials that instantly bring to mind a house ruled by elegance. Due to the wide product range of marble or travertine tiles, new materials such as flexible slate (light and extra thin), or special mosaics with stunning beauty, natural stone will perfectly match any concept or design project, whether inspired by contemporary style or with a classic touch.

What are the benefits of using natural stone for interior decoration projects? First, natural stone is always in fashion, so you can always refresh the ambience with modest changes and on a budget. Moreover, with proper aftercare, natural stone claddings are much more durable compared to other materials. From the practical point of view, natural stone will prevent heat loss during winter and in the warm season will maintain a cool and comfortable environment.

In addition to flooring (with integrated or simple heating), decorative kitchen walls or bathroom walls, you can easily integrate a wall or an area with specific touch into your living room. For attaining it, you can use many types of natural stones from our product range, yet here are five ideas to inspire you:

Mosaic: the classic splitface travertine

Living room wall cladded with Classic Travertine Splitface 3D Mosaic

This material has a particular color that will fit in just about any type of space, which is why it is so popular in our customers' preferences. It is durable in wet spaces, which makes it perfect for bathrooms, yet it is also ideal if you want a living room with casual look. When choosing a particular type of natural stone, it is ideal to use it for different decoration projects throughout the house, thus creating consistent spaces. We have several dimensions available for this type of mosaic: 2.5 x 10 cm or 2.5 x 2.5 cm (3D).

See also the living room wall of an Amazing private residence in Bucharest decorated with natural stone - project by PIATRAONLINE customers!

Kavala Splitface Marble

When referring to marble, there’s no need for further presentation. It is famous for being the choice of people with refined taste, in search for something special. Returning to the preferences of interior designers, marble is, in 2015, a versatile material, which creates absolutely stunning effects, when perfectly integrated within contemporary design concepts.

Titanium Quartzite Wall Cladding Panel

This material is a natural choice for ultra-modern homes and will create a special effect with color and texture. It is especially suitable for living rooms with minimalist interior design.

Sparta Limestone Wall Cladding Panel

Living room wall cladded with Sparta Limestone

In the living room or hallway, Sparta Limestone Wall Cladding Panel will bring brightness into the room due to its light and warm color. Easy to install, yet extremely durable, Sparta Limestone Wall Cladding Panel is definitely a point of attraction.

Brown Slate Wall Cladding Panel

This material is recommended for wall cladding in the living room, hallway or bathrooms and is rather suitable for areas with rustic inspiration due to such a charming natural color.

For further details on choosing the stone best suited to your project give us a call at +40318.222.333, or send us an email at export@piatraonline.com!

5 Stone wall amazing ideas for your living room
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