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publicat in: Different natural stones // Publicata pe 13.11.2015

Special cut-to-size pieces of natural stone are those items custom made for your project. Besides natural stone tiles available with many finishes (polished, brushed, honed etc.) and sizes, you can also order special cut-to-size pieces for your flooring and walls. The most popular special parts are countertops (kitchen and bathroom), stairs, risers and window sills.

Here are 6 ideas of special cut-to-size pieces for your decoration projects:

1. Oversized bathroom sink

For a unique kitchen with a touch of fresh, you can install an oversized marble sink. This sink model is ideal mostly for kitchen island design, since you have plenty of space.

2. Cladded stairs

Perhaps the most popular special cut-to-size pieces, the stairs cladded with natural stone will have a massive, opulent appearance if you also clad the risers. For a consistent look, risers can also be cladded with the same material (usually marble or travertine).

3. Onyx Wall

An onyx wall could be the point of attraction in your decoration project, usually backlit for highlighting the amazing texture of onyx tile.

4. Cassette Window Sills

Natural stone window sills are increasingly popular special cut-to-size pieces, thanks to hardness and durability of the material. The window sills with a unique look is the "cassette" type, framing the entire window.

5. Marble Wall

Contemporary decoration projects promoted marble as the ideal choice: a wall cladded with extra large marble tiles will transform the living room, adding a distinctive note of luxury.

6. Kitchen Countertop

The kitchen / bathroom countertop can be cut-to-size for your sink. For a consistent look, you can also install a natural stone sink (standard size) in your kitchen / bathroom, produced from the same material.

Natural Stone Aftercare

Any natural stone tile requires waterproofing (sealing the stone pores) with professional solutions, followed by regular cleaning with special detergents designed for natural stone. As a result, you will extend the lifetime of your natural stone tile.

For further details on choosing the natural stone best suited to your project give us a call at +40318.222.333, or send us an email at export@piatraonline.com!

6 Ideas of special cut-to-size pieces for amazing decoration projects
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