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"A man’s home is his castle" – a concept preparing an interior design upgrade for decoration projects with natural stone. If you accept it, you will surely find inspiration in the ideas below.


1. Custom corners for modern living rooms

A living room with boring corners can be seductively refreshed with natural stone wall cladding, installed behind a simple and minimalist, interestingly illuminated furniture which creates a Zen section, difficult to obtain in common areas. Introduction of natural elements is one of 2019 trends in living room design. Wood or natural stone, such materials are able to convey a particular vibration to your house, by creating amazing effects with accents in different areas.



Living room design ideas with a single wall cladded with natural stone, associated to a wooden furniture will always be popular. A Thassos Ravdoto marble wall in your living room, embedding the fireplace represents an ideal customization of a rather dull area. A minimalist furniture, placed in front of a Thassos marble wall, is a good choice for broad spaces. Airon bush hammered travertine wall conveys a tumbled finish and a Homa slate wall enhances the artistic side of the area. 


2. Hosting a dinner with classic living room decorations

An amazing accomplishment, taking time back to its origins. An impressive concept, in terms of bringing back nature into your house, focused on the current escaping trend of modern man, choked by an industrial, aggressive design. The ubiquituos ancinet anticipates the dream of the modern captivating technologies, alluring towards millennial symbiosis of stone and wood, eternal sources of peace and tranquility. Trends of returning to good old colors, such as copper shades, convey memories of ancient culture into 2019 living room design trends. Our daily life includes an ancient particular for each of us, which allows roots of the past to come back into our lives, also highlighted in terms of home design.



On the other hand it was found that ancient decoration projects convey peace, harmony and tranquility. Associated with classic furniture, a wall cladded with Rhodos slate strips in your living room will create an “antique” ambience. Living room walls cladded with Fileti Sikis Mix Slate will "brighten up" the ambience and for highlighting the contrast with other room areas, are associated with similar lighting objects. The living room trends for 2019 promote the return to the shape of old chandeliers, with copper and brass finishes and unembedded lighting objects. Thassos marble with splitface finish is an amazing option if you want to highlight the ancient facet of your living room. Just like a classic travertine with polished finish, able to bring harmony and balance into the living room with its calm and gentle colors.  


3. Living room design with ancient minimalism

Going back to the roots by pairing a subtle vibration of stone and wood. This world is always on the run, exhausted by daily stress, therefore streamlining occurs as a boost of relaxation, thus amplifying the temptation of relax. Overlapping it with patina does not shake the natural, rather makes it more potent. Living room decoration projects with ancient touch, yet lacking the temptations of baroque, settles the classic, revealing the natural of ancient lifestyles. Expressing minimalism with the stone voice underlines simplicity, with an interesting expression without the need of formal exaggeration. The soft, quiet tones tempt the senses into the shy peace of thousands of years for allowing stone to reach us. A wall cladded with this material remains silent, natural stone speaks a language of magical symbols, without the words of modern material. The story of Classic travertine mosaic with splitface finish conveys the symbol of restrained energy and Bianco Carrara Marble Honed Tear Drop Mosaic transmits latent dramas. A Small Black Pebble Mosaic represents another type of ancient look, based on contrasting colors and textures, highlighting its creative talent, set in context. An ancient look is best captured by a tumbled finish. A wall cladded with Sandstone Teakwood Fileti with tumbled finish combines natural stone with wood appearance, thus resulting not only a visual but also a practical effect. Another wall cladded with Silver travertine with tumbled finish, allows installing "old style" lighting objects, underlining a living room corner, reminder of the 18th-19th centuries. Hexagonal tiles decoration projects convey some kind of ancient ambience. Rather classic, these create a systematic layout, targeting a balance. If the chosen stone has a tumbled appearance, such as the exotic yellow travertine, then hexagonal tile shape is blurred by appearance. If stone has a modern look, such as Cleopatra polished marble, then hexagonal shape expresses the proximity to ancient style. Last but not least, "weaving" patterns (basket weave) are typical features of “vintage” style.


4. New living room models disable connections with technology

The effect of industrial minimalism, perfectly set up and enabled by a modern metal staircase, is balanced by a wall of irregular and coloured stone, an area functioning as an incentive against the ordinary conventional. The influence of living decoration ideas, based on translucent effect is remarkable. Polished Onyx Honey ignores ties with modern technology using its natural translucent feature.



The same amazing property is also underlined by some models of marble, such as Arabescato Polished marble, with remarkable effects and taking full advantage of natural stone features. Another feature frequently used in decorations projects is the natural split tendency of slate. Hence, the development of flexible slate is based in this natural splitting tendency, for creating a material that allows the cladding of curved surfaces or walls unable to support large weights (such as plasterboard, drywall etc.). Living room design trends with flexible slate are innovative in 2019. Skin Forest flexible slate claddings are elegant and surprising in terms of color and texture and those with Skin Autumn Rustic flexible slate include a blend of modern and veneral with authentic feature.


5. Confront your past in new living room models

A majestic ambience, shaped by a design with a sophisticated sacred touch, underlined by illumination with vintage lamps and magical reflections of light in ancient crystals. Right in front there is an ubiquituous mirror, symbol of humble introspection, guarded by stone walls for a past that follows you, by looking at it. Of all kinds of natural stone, it is marble that brings with it the majesty. It seems that sanctity has chosen marble to stand for an imposing app. Aphrodite marble with polished finish accumulates within the distinction of past millenia and light reflections on the wall, where it is installed, conveying magical stripes into the rest of the living room. Athena Grey Wood Polished Marble is a combination of stone hardness with the relaxing appearance of the wood, thus relaxing the body and adding an extra relaxing visual effect. 


6. Use ancient touch as new trends for living room decoration

A durable idea preserving the same ancient touch, unafraid of the present, with an identical cry of rebellion against the present filled with technology. The furniture complements the silence of stone, prescribing the necessary dynamics. This is the ancient modern. The primitive appears as natural for living room decoration projects with stone. Regardless of its type, texture or finish, natural stone is a natural element, shaped throughout thousand of years before it gets to our home. It is hard to find another material able to convey in your living room an initial ambience more pronounced than stone.



Therefore, living room decoration projects will usually clad only a single wall with natural stone, with emphasis on ancient, enough to refine the temptation to primitive. By using polygonal stone, similar to Macedonia limestone claddings, the ancient touch is more obvious. Limestone Sparta panels will clad one living room wall with same ancient notes. Based on your installation pattern, the cladding conveys different messages and feelings. A wall cladded with honed Teakwood, "Herringbone" pattern, looks like taken from the age of caverns painted by prehistoric man.


7. Well balanced living room decoration projects

A fundamental balance between the stone durability, as it has been dignified by God and the temporary work of human. A scale in which the modern, volatile and technological not limited finds its balance in the anchors of the past, reigned by primal harmony. The fundamental relationship between durability and transitory belongs to all stone claddings. This balance is complemented by another cladding, defining a balance between stone durability and frivolity of modern technology. A Honey Onyx Sugar Polished mosaic wall carries within the primal, timeless germs, associated with those of modern, freaking shifting. Another touch, shaped by Titanium Quartzite Wall Cladding Panel, reclaims the ancient origins, adapting over a bit of modern techology.


By #generatinginspiration, PIATRAONLINE promotes and recommends all types of stone for decorating your living room. For more inspiration, we recommend visiting our website and get in touch with us at export@piatraonline.com or by phone at +40318.222.333

7 Amazing living room design ideas
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